When I think of buildings or homes up in the clouds, my mind goes to childlike adventures such as Sky High with its flying school, or something like Jack and the Beanstalk. But this city builder where you get to actually create a civilization in the sky is a bit darker than the whimsy of my earlier years. In Sphere – Flying Cities, you’ll be building your civilization in the clouds when the game drops on Steam. Taking place on a post-apocalyptic Earth, you’re in charge of the last humans alive.

In this game’s Earth, developed by Hexagon Sphere Games, a meteor has stricken the planet’s surface, wiping out most of humanity and making the planet uninhabitable. Humanity’s last hope is by utilizing the latest anti-gravity technology and ascending to a flying city, which is everyone’s last chance of survival.


High in the sky

Here in Sphere – Flying Cities, much of the game revolves around the elephant in the room: the flying city. If your anti-gravity device or deflector shield isn’t in good shape, or you don’t have enough power, the result of your city is a swift yet powerful death. Likewise, living in the skies leaves you victim to many of the elements that form in the clouds. Geomagnetic storms, poisonous clouds, and asteroids are some of the terrors you’ll have to withstand if you want to survive.

Like any good post-apocalypse, the sanity of humanity creeps carefully on a single, delicate thread. For the safety of your people, you’ll need to provide them with food, shelter, and healthcare. There will be over 30 different types of buildings, and resource management supported by “independent economic cycles.”

Sphere – Flying Cities will enter an Early Access period with a release date of October 14. The game will be available to purchase for $17.99 USD, which will reportedly be cheaper than the official release. The developers plan to stay in Early Access for about a year, so you have plenty of time to gauge whether or not this game is for you. You can check out the announcement trailer released in July below:

Joshua Chu
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