Spintires: Mudrunner | Early Look At The Pc Version

I requested a review code for the upcoming Spintires: Mudrunner which launches on October 31st, 2017. The code was sent to me yesterday and I put together a small video showing off some gameplay footage of the tutorial and the first challenge in the game. This video basically serves the purpose of being like a mini ‘first impressions’ piece, and also a quick gameplay demo of the game running on a Nvidia GTX 960M-powered machine.

Without further ado, check out the video! Leave your comments down below and tell me what you think of Spintires: Mudrunner. Of course, be sure to check back on October 31st for the full written and video review of the game!

(Spintires: Mudrunner will also be available on PS4 and Xbox One).

A.K Rahming
Having been introduced to video games at the age of 3 via a Nintendo 64, A.K has grown up in the culture. A fan of simulators and racers, with a soft spot for Nintendo! But, he has great respect for the entire video game world and enjoys watching it all expand as a whole.

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