Spirit Of Glace Announcement

The 2004 cult classic platformer Glace is getting a makeover as a new title, Spirit of Glace. The remake announcement was made with a trailer that shows the origin of the purple-pixeled Glace.

Over 1.5 million people downloaded the Glace in 2004 alone. Its creator Tommy Visic has always hoped to revisit the game in some fashion.

“It’s been so much fun hearing from fans of the game over the years, and I always wanted to go back and revisit the world of Glace,” Visic said. “I can’t express how honored I am to learn there’s still a community of players who love Glace and want to rally behind the new project.”

Back and better than ever

Spirit of Glace is not a sequel, nor is it merely a remake. It’s a complete reboot and expansion of the original adventure. Community feedback, updated pixel art, an open world, and reinvented fast-paced platforming gameplay give the new title a fresh feel that will entice new and returning players alike.

Spirit of Glace will place a strong emphasis on storytelling. Players will need to help Glace find its purpose in a world that’s been torn apart by a mysterious force. Along the way, you’ll discover a world full of life, legend, and history.

You’ll also discover how good a collection of purple pixels is at bouncing off floors. And walls. Pretty much every surface really. Glace can also use mid-air dashes, shoot magical beads, and a bunch of other abilities. If the Spirit of Glace trailer wasn’t enough to sate your curiosity, you can check out the gameplay images below for one more tiny taste of what’s to come.

You can add Spirit of Glace to your Steam wishlist as you wait for its eventual release date. You can also join the game’s Discord server if you want to be involved in its development.

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