Splitgate improves mantling, playlists, and more in latest update

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Splitgate has done more than just hit a sweet spot for people wanting an experience that felt like the Halo games of yesteryear. It unites hectic first-person shooting with the use of portals to bring a little modern flavor into the mix. Spiltgate‘s appeal is reflected in its its Steam player count, growing from hundreds to more than 65,000 peak players in August alone. The growing population can also mean more people experiencing bugs and the need for fixes. Developer 1047 Games seems as though it’s had its their ear close to the ground, as it addressed some growing concerns in a recent patch. The latest Splitgate update brings with it more than bug squashing to the teleportation-infused shooter, such as mantling and playlist improvements.

One of the standout fixes highlighted in the Splitgate patch notes is an improvement to the game’s mantling system. This will allow for better vertical traversal to get you into or out of combat more strategically. It promises to allow players to scale its environments and “climb ledges with far more freedom.”


NVIDIA Reflex has entered the chat

If you’ve been playing with an NVIDIA GPU, you’ll find a nice perk for team green and black. The feature often used in FPS titles, NVIDIA Reflex, is now an option for supported graphics cards. Turning on the feature allows for reduced latency, providing better chances of you hitting that headshot before your opponent can get a shot off.

Splitgate Update 2

Voice chat buffs

Adding to the list of improvements, it looks like voice chat will also see some come its way. Splitgate itself is cross-platform compatible. Meaning, PC players can join up with console buddies for matches. The community voiced concerns regarding dropped comms during cross-platform play. The September update also aims to address those concerns with improvements to chat audio noting, “voice chat should no longer drop out across platforms during a match.” Another perk coming to matches will change up playlists game to game. New featured playlists will rotate modes during weekends for variety in Splitgate. Playlists can also now combine both rumble and casual mode into a single “Quick Play” list option.

New Ui Splitgate

Lastly, the team at 1047 Games has addressed a bug fix that caused the game to crash. Specifically, a “geometry bug causing crashing” when players were dropped on the Karman Station map. The map was originally pulled out of rotation but has since been cured of its ailments and placed back in.

The latest Splitgate update is now live. The game is still in its initial launch phase and is still considered to be in Season 0. Even so, it’s come a long way since its early 2018 playtests. Rest assured, there will be more content (and fixes) to come. For the full patch notes, visit the Splitgate blog for more changes in this patch.

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