January 16th, 2017

Squadron 42 would fund Star Citizen if cash ran out

Squadron 42 would fund Star Citizen if cash ran out

In a new interview with German magazine Gamestar which covers Star Citizen‘s latest developments, Chris Roberts does not seem concerned about cash.

For the past year there has been concern about the funding of Star Citizen: would CIG run out of cash before they could release a game that was close to their original vision? In the interview, Roberts states that should the monthly income dry up, they still have enough cash to finish Squadron 42. The income from the sale of the single-player Squadron 42 could then be used to fund the full project. Roberts explained:

“First of all, we always have a decent amount of money in reserve, so if all support would collapse, we would not suddenly be incapacitated. We plan the scope of the development based on what arrives monthly by the people to support. I’m not worried, because even if no money came in, we would have sufficient funds to complete Squadron 42. The revenue from this could in-turn be used for the completion of Star Citizen.”

This sounds like a good plan but the scope of Star Citizen is vast, and there are still lots of issues to resolve such as networking, which was mentioned in the interview.

Perhaps, in hindsight, the project should have focused on the single player Squadron 42 first as a separate game before pushing out all the different modules. At least that way backers would be enjoying the game world CIG are trying to create – and they would also have an actual game.

With backers still ploughing money into the project through ship sales, it’s unlikely money will stop coming in. At least if the funding did fall apart, there might be a cracking single-player campaign to enjoy.

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