Star Citizen 3.0 heading to PTU before 20 December

Star Citizen 3.0 heading to PTU before 20 December

The Star Citizen 3.0 update has been in testing for a number of weeks with the Evocati testing group and there has been no indication when it would go out the PTU.

A rough window has been revealed by CIG in the latest Chairman’s Club News newsletter where they state that PTU testing is likely to begin before 20 December.

When the PTU finally goes live we’ll have a much better idea of 3.0’s performance and how far along they are with bringing all this together. CIG has been under a lot of pressure to get 3.0 out by the end of 2017 but getting all backers playing it by January 2018 could be tough with the holiday period looming.

After watching the CitizenCon event, and seeing snippets of action from 3.0 that have leaked out, we’re not holding out too much hope for something that will blow our socks off. This is Star Citizen after all and deadlines are constantly missed so does it really matter if 3.0 makes a 2017 release or a December 2018 release?

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Ulric L. Wolf

      …after this long Chris should already be highly embarrassed, 366 days after his original ‘hope’ of Dec 19th 2016.. 2017/018 doesnt then mean much, really depends on just how far they drag it into 2018.

      Considering the (laughable) repetitive ‘Squadron 42’ “next year”, it’s all that much more pathetic.

      • Christian FrΓΆhlich

        quite as pathetic as roasting a great game on pcinvasion without any experience on gamedevelopment or even having played the game? Nah, i think you might even top it

        • Ulric L. Wolf

          No one ever forced Chris to give out any of his BS ‘guesstimates’. Nor is it backers faults that Chris’s ability to talk about his ideas greatly surpasses his ability to actually produce them.

          ,,,and I imagine I’ve got more ‘experience’ than you. While we’re at it however, how about YOU explain how to ‘play the game’, when they still don’t have core functionality?

          Do you want to talk about Arena Commander, how chris claims he was ‘misunderstood’ when he said it was delayed ‘a couple months’ because he didn’t want to release a single player vs ‘bots’…in which backers could ‘fly their own ships’. Note, their own ships, not placeholders…yet 4 years the 300i series is still waiting on a rework.
          Or shall we discuss ‘Star Marine’ and the whole ‘weeks, not months’ while backers were told how close it was to ‘release’?
          How about the ‘social module’ where players were supposed to be able to visit friends hangars?

          So let’s hit it Christian, shall we see who really does’t have knowledge/experience?
          Shall we discuss the problems in ‘selling ships’ before you actually have a solid development plan/system for the the ships and their components?
          Or shall we discuss the bad management that resulted in the wasted time/$ in regards to Illfonic & Star Marine?

          • Joe Blobers

            Shall will discuss about you being one of the last SC haters around still looking to write of functionnality in a game in development. Jobs like Mining, Salvaging, transport are coming in 2018.
            No CIG is not late. They did more and better than any Publishers in just 5 years, strating with a team of 12.
            Bacekrs got what they pay for and crap here and now is not what we signed for.

            And yes the game is based on concept ship sales together with game package, valid till end of Beta. They do have a plan about each ships and the major one is diversity through modularity…. not happy whith that? Fine… don’t buy them πŸ™‚

            • Ulric L. Wolf

              …and the illiterate Joe comes forth to defend his maiden.

              Yes CIG is ‘late’, the evidence is written all over the ‘net, deal with it.

              Wether ‘bacekrs got what they pay for’ is debatable and completely subjective.
              As regards to [‘plans’ etc, again subjective, sorry but as much as I’m sure you’d drool & fawn over the chance to clean the lavatories @ CIG, you don’t work there so have no clue what they do/don’t have a ‘plan’ for. Where as history and CIG’s own actions/commentary show they started selling ships before they had the proper systems/plans in place.

              • Joe Blobers

                And the hater Ulrich keep insulting others…

                Your evidence, beside the blog of the Clown would be rejected by any court man πŸ™‚

                And you keep pretending CIG is dishonest with concept ship while they write on concept page:

                “we offer pledge ships to help fund Star Citizen’s
                development. The funding received from events such as these are what
                allow us to include deeper features in the Star Citizen world. Concept
                ships will be available for in-game credits in the final universe, and
                they are not required to start the game.
                please note that the Hawk will be entering the ship pipeline now and
                may be released after other concept ships have been completed. All
                decorative β€˜flair’ items will also be available to acquire in the
                finished game world. The goal is to make additional ships available that
                expand the depth and variety of the game world and give players a
                different experience rather than any particular advantage” Unquote

                Ifg you do not agree with that way to fund a project, it is very simple: don’t participate and wait till release… Is it so hard to capture?

              • Ulric L. Wolf

                You have no idea what would happen in any court joe, any court you stepped into would have you declared incompetent, due to your inability to comprehend what you read.

                Ex: “And you keep pretending CIG is dishonest with concept ship while they write on concept page:”
                I haven’t said anything of the sort…you however are to illiterate to understand what I said. You lack the knowledge & understanding of the development history and the intelligence to do anything but parrot CIG/Chris’s commentary.

              • Joe Blobers

                Keep insulting other Ulric. That just do show who you are πŸ™‚

              • Ulric L. Wolf

                Pot meet Kettle hypocrite.

              • Aranphor

                You seem pissed it is actually working. My guess is you bet someone twenty dollars on failure and are now mifted you have to pay up.

              • Ulric L. Wolf

                You seem slightly more literate than Joe, but then that’s like saying .02 cents it more than one. Think you can actually address the topic or too busy trying to protect your protect your girlfriend (joe)?

            • Tinus

              Well. just by looking at all the clips being released now that 3.0 has been made available to more backers, it’s obvious that Star Citizen will never see the light of day. If this is what they have to show for after more than a year of “polishing so it will meet our standards” I’d run to ask for a refund. Not much time left before they have run out of money. The only reason to release this broken piece of things that leave the body at the backside is that they needed fresh money right now.

              • Joe Blobers

                Oh our friend Tinus and his prophecy of doom… 90 days top… That is now a 2 years and half joke do you realize that? πŸ™‚

              • Tinus

                The two only jokes that are still around, are Star Citizen and you defending it. They needed more time to polish 3.0 and bring it up to their standards before it could be released. They took over a year and a half to do so and in that period scrapped most of the items that were suppost to be in that build. And now look at what they have released. And look me in the eye and say without blinking that that actually is a good thing. It’s a solid foundation for a game. Core components are in place, there are a lot of challenges and other things to do, it just needs the finishing touch. Yeah, right. And don’t give me that crap about “development, work in progress, the n+1 build will have the fixes and the n+2 build will have it all. Just say it: Derek Smart was right. Or don’t say it. Pushing this crappy 3.0 build and releasing a schedule without a buglisting the day before the 12-day mega sale starts shows only thing: this is the last stage of the ELE for CIG. The dream is over, the hype is gone. There is no game, there will be no game. Get a refund! Being paid for those idiots like you still giving Chris money right now. I do wonder if you all will be joining the discussions after CIG has crashed and burned. Or will you go into deep hiding and never speak again?

              • Joe Blobers

                Yes.. get it( quick… 90 days top because it is proven that “seamless transition from space to planet is not possible before decades…” Ooops… this is done by CIG right now in 3.0… Something impossible to be done, the end!…. You few trolls are really funny πŸ™‚

              • Tinus

                You know what is even funnier? People like you still defending this project. Seeing how everybody just refuses to acknowledge that this 3.0 build only proves that Derek has been right all along just gives us more laughs. So keep it up for those last remaining months!

              • Joe Blobers

                People like me? You mean +600.000 and growing everyday? Keep hating, this is your way to handle your life. Sad but it is your life after all…

            • Harbinger73

              Shall we discuss how I confidently predicted in a reply to you on this very site back in early May how 3.0 was never going to come out in time for it’s late June (at that time) release window and and we’d still be waiting for it come Gamescom in August and even if they somehow managed to get it out by then I wouldn’t accept an Evocati or PTU release as vindication. Something for which you added me to your list of trolls (AKA people who merely disagree with your stance of defending everything CIG does like a sheep).

              Well here we are nearly 6 months later and it’s only just been released to the PTU missing a lot of functionality they intend to patch in later and even if they push it to live for everyone just in time for the Holiday Steam (pretty likely considering they have jpegs to sell) it’s still going to be a full year late.

              I actually find it in bad taste that CIG would make light of a previous statement by announcing that 3.0 would go to PTU before December 20th, hmmm what comes immediately prior to that date? Why it’s December 19th. Why does that date sound so familiar?

              “so we’re gonna get it [3.0] out the end of the year; hopefully not on December 19th” (Chris Roberts – August 2016)

              I’ve completely lost all respect I once had for Chris Roberts, his arrogance is frankly quite astounding.

              • Joe Blobers

                3.0 is still in heavy patching state and features not yet implemented in 3.0 will be in the next weeks months. The planet is not going to stop spinning.
                Talking about honesty, they talked about Dec 20th… and made PTU available to Evocati + Subscribers + Concierge already this week.

                That is a lot of people able to express 3.0 is not yet fully compliant… right during the Anniversary week. Talk about transparence and honesty.
                3.0 is here and stronger every week.

              • Harbinger73

                You truly are a mindless sheep. Keep on defending CIG’s incompetence Joe.

              • Joe Blobers

                You can’t stop the train Harbi πŸ™‚ Insult is just what remain to you while those looking to build something keep going.

              • Harbinger73

                Your metaphorical train derailed 2 years ago.

              • Joe Blobers

                Yea probably the same day CIG colapsed a

              • Harbinger73

                You are “the Clown”

              • Joe Blobers

                Fine. Still those three points are really good joke right? Facts and Numbers. Keep hating and buying EA/Ubisoft copy/paste every year. backers said a big No.

              • Harbinger73

                You assume too much, I can’t even recall the last time I purchased a game from a major publisher without it being massively reduced in a Steam sale maybe 1-2 years on from it’s initial release.

                I’m all for supporting independent developers as long as they’re frugal with their spending but CIG are just plain wasteful. They piss away money like nobodies business wasting time creating fake stuff to show off at conventions that still isn’t in the 3.0 PTU some 15 months after they were demoing it at Gamescom last year. They’re either doing that or getting sidetracked with pointless fluff like Face Over IP.

                Chris Roberts learned nothing from his Freelancer cockup and this time there’s no Microsoft to bail him out.

              • Joe Blobers

                If you are really looking for company pissing money away look to Blizzard making +600M$ just with WOW subsriptions (not even counting micro-transactions) and what do you get for? A DLC once every two years.
                Last 10 years x 600M$ = 6 Billion $ and 7 DLC’s. This is a pure ripp-off of players pocket…. But CIG getting and spending 166M$ to make something no one want to make and they got an evil flag…. dont give too much quality to players or they ask the same to all Publishers…

                How much to get in? 45$ not a single extra $. Again keep complaining about quality… you will got exactly what to deserve for.

              • Harbinger73

                Blizzard sell a service, whether or not it’s worth what they’re charging is another matter entirely but the money they have is already earned, CIG’s money is a liability based upon the promise of delivering an all encompassing game at some indetermined point in the future.

                Also I’m not sure you grasp the meaning of “pissing away money”. CIG are wholly reliant on their backers to keep funding them on the promise of an eventual product and they spend whatever money they have creating the illusion of progress and adding pointless fluff in order to keep selling concept ships instead of working on the game proper. They have way too many developers for the amount of money coming in and whatever reserves they may have will be dwindling at an alarming rate as a result of this overstaffing.

              • Joe Blobers

                The link with blizzard is of course a shorcut. They do have a finished game and millions of people are playing it. Which is good. What I mean is that for every $ pledged to CIG you got your $ used to make a game not split half of it through middle-men or share holder.
                Blizzard do ripp-off player per $ payed.

                I have no probem for legit refund. There are some and it is negigeable. the supposed cascade refund claimed by a couple of guys come from the them shooting prophecies of Doom since 2 years and half, vaporware, con, seamless from space to planet decades away… but here in Dec. 2017…. A tiny band of trolls as you have for any project with some visibility and challenge.
                CIG keep hiring and this is not because their bucket of funds is minimal… quite the opposite.

                Quote: “They have way too many developers for the amount of money”. I have to disagree. They had too little during years and now have the right number of talent to deliver. Because at the end, you can’t keep any project under Alpha during 10 years, you have to deliver final product or at least Beta with very strong fundation. 2018 till mid 2019 is going to give the opportunity to a robust Beta. All signs are there. 3.0 is the fundation of all SC and the have plenty of time to improve Netcode each quarter and add contents and gameplay.

              • Harbinger73

                A game costs exactly the same to produce whether it’s funded by a publisher or self-funded. This whole “your money is worth 4 times more with us” (paraphrased) is really a load of hogwash. If anything CIG spend the majority of their money on marketing because they’re building fake demos for shows all the time in order to keep raising money. It’s a viscous cycle and exactly why they never make any tangible progress on the game proper.

                With > 400 developers they’re burning in excess of $4m per month, that’s something that’s backed up by industry experts in a recent Kotaku article. CIG are not earning $48m per year so they’re losing money hand over fist. It’s as simple as that.

              • Joe Blobers

                Quote: “instead of believing and parroting marketing spin.”

                This! πŸ™‚ and the so called fake demo… that thousands of Backers can now get in 3.0 PTU πŸ™‚
                The next PD cities fake demo shwon in last Citizencon we be available in 2018 like seamless from space to planet was fake and decades away πŸ™‚

                Alos CIG losing money… that is why they keep hiring since january 2017, probably to lose money even faster.
                Your logic can’t stand reality man… That the point where you switch from disenter to trolling. It is your life after all if you like to do so keep going but do not expect Readers to follow such “logic” while reality is factually at the opposite πŸ™‚

              • Harbinger73

                “and the so called fake demo… that thousands of Backers can now get in 3.0 PTU :)”

                lol, don’t you mean thousands of suckers who are prepared to shell out an extra $10 to get a subscription in order to get access for something they’ve already paid for?

                My logic is reality, your logic, well you don’t have any. You’re just a shill parroting whatever BS CIG pump out like it’s gospel.

              • Joe Blobers

                So this official. You now partner with Ulric with insults as arguments πŸ™‚
                Not quite an achievement but after this is your choice. Readers will appreciate.

              • Harbinger73

                I jumped on this comment chain because of the “shall we discuss” opening which gave me a perfect opportunity to throw a “told you so” in your face for something I stated to you over 6 months ago. I have no idea who who ulric and this is not a tag team event.

                If you don’t want to keep getting your ass handed to you then perhaps stop responding to me with with your lame copy & paste arguments.

              • Joe Blobers

                You can use whatever naming to describe the situation. Ass handed? With fake demo demonstrated to be a true and real build in heavy testing by thousands of backers, not employees during a communication show… You can address that point to start to explain how reality match your logic πŸ™‚

              • Harbinger73

                Address what point? You’re speaking gibberish.

              • Joe Blobers

                It is not because someone respond something you disagree with that he is shooting random gibberish.
                And yes you name Ulrich your fellow commenter, He is not a random person and you have the same language. Truly certifiable.

                If you’re not going to discuss points I’ve made then stop responding to me.

              • Harbinger73

                Of course we have the same language, we’re both speaking English. I know it’s probably not your first language because of the way you speak but you should really try learning the nuances of it sometime.

                “If you’re not going to discuss points I’ve made then stop responding to me.”

                You don’t make any points, you merely try to divert the conversation by steering it in a different direction.

              • Joe Blobers

                I do not see the Clown everywhere. You are not one of his sockpuppet account for sure.

                You talk about nuance of language. Fine You say also I try to divert the conversation. Fine again but why do you switch to nuance of language like “shooting random gibberish” while my point are still there:

                This! πŸ™‚ and the so called fake demo… that thousands of Backers can now get in 3.0 PTU πŸ™‚
                The next PD cities fake demo shwon in last Citizencon we be available in 2018 like seamless from space to planet was fake and decades away :)Alos CIG losing money… that is why they keep hiring since january 2017, probably to lose money even faster.
                Your logic can’t stand reality man… That the point where you switch from disenter to trolling. Unquote

                I do not divert, I am to the point. You do not like it? Your turn to grow up.

              • Harbinger73

                “This! πŸ™‚ and the so called fake demo… that thousands of Backers can now get in 3.0 PTU :)”

                What happened the the demo from August 2016 that was almost ready back then?

                “The next PD cities fake demo shwon in last Citizencon we be available in
                2018 like seamless from space to planet was fake and decades away :)”

                When did I say this was decades away? Stop injecting crap other people have said in some warped attempt to be smug. It just makes you look foolish.

                Procedural cities are old hat, there’s absolutely nothing revolutionary about what CIG presented in this demo, if they were to show it running in a multi-player environment and not at 10-16 FPS I may have been impressed but what they showed was mediocre at best.

                “Alos CIG losing money… that is why they keep hiring since january 2017, probably to lose money even faster.”

                Plenty of companies that were on the road to bankruptcy continued to hire even as they were haemorrhaging cash. Look into Enron perhaps.

              • Joe Blobers

                ” seamless from space to planet was fake and decades away” is just a summary of all the crap around on internet about what SC can’t and will never do… but available right now in 3.0.
                I do not pretend you said it. you did not to clarify this point.

                About PG cities, yes it has been done elsewhere. Indeed, all have been done already. Now give a game name which demonstrate what CIG demo done with PG, city of this scale + smooth transition to a space station then to another moon with industry on which the guy drive and walk.

                Do you want to compare it to NMS? they are doing already that… to be nice I would say at a much smaller scale… and fidelity. are you playing NMS? I don’t as I see no point to this graphic style, features and overall gameplay. For the same price (starter package) you got 2 triple-A… when released and have the chance to see a triple-A gfrowing from inside….

                On the opposite SQ42 + SC are offering a much larger, reacher perspective. That’s what I am looking for… and based on return about 3.0, even in its current state with quite many bugs, we backers picked the right horse.

              • Harbinger73

                “About PG cities, yes it has been done elsewhere. Indeed, all have been
                done already. Now give a game name which demonstrate what CIG demo done
                with PG, city of this scale + smooth transition to a space station then
                to another moon with industry on which the guy drive and walk.”

                CIG haven’t done that yet. Wake me when they create a coherent whole and not a bunch of disjointed mini-games.

              • Joe Blobers

                I agree. This is not yet there. Remember that 3.0 so called fake demo is now in thousands hands and soon in PU (weeks not never). CIG do release 1 or 2 (3.0) patch per week.
                This is progressing very well.
                2018 will keep all backers awake do not worry. Jobs are going to be added as well as more locations and gameplay.

                They will be in Alpha, hence not a final game. That should give better visibility of Beta release expectation to many by next 2018 Citizecon.

              • Harbinger73

                If you think 3.0 will be in the hands of the regular backers any sooner
                than their next major event just before Christmas perhaps you’d be interested in purchasing this bridge I’m selling.

                They’re going to milk their subscribe so you can play the PTU NOW cash grab for as long as possible.

              • Joe Blobers

                I expect 3.0 to be in PU by end of the year based on great progress done so far and expressed by those testing right now.. including well known disenter I am use to exchange with. If good wording is coming from long time doubter, I can reasonnably say CIG is doing pretty good.

                And if not of December.. end of January. It is of zero importance. Quality stay and the +450 team did not stop to work on SQ42 and 3.1 to fix 3.0 bugs…

                And about so called cash grab in PTU… this is nothing compared to what resounding words PU “bugs free” will give as positive signal around PC community πŸ™‚
                The Scam is there, the famous 3.0 cancelled and that will never see the light of day (not yours words just the usual ranting of few haters around).

              • Harbinger73

                They have 450 employees now? That’s worse than I thought. No wonder they’re selling dirt now too.

              • Joe Blobers

                Yes another proof they are running out os cash. Hiring 30 more guys that add +2Ms of expenses per year… +450, this is better than I thought πŸ™‚

              • Harbinger73

                Each new employee adds $10,000 – $12,000 per month. 30 additional employees adds at least $3.6m to their annual expenses at the bare minimum. All this whilst they’ve made 19% less money than they did in the previous 12 months. Yep, hiring more staff is a great idea if you want to remain solvent.

                Also CIG have clearly never heard of Brooks’ Law. Adding more employees to an already delayed project actually makes things worse because people have to be taken off other tasks to train the newcomers and it takes them many months to get up to speed.

              • Joe Blobers

                Result is depending on numbers used. Those 10K are wrong. CIG do use many juniors and overalll cost is closer to 7K/month. Not counting tax deduction.
                Simple to verify. Take yours numbers multiplied by years and employees count and you can see that CIG is in bankroute since years… but suprisingly enough.. they are not.
                So either employees do not receive wages… or your computation is wrong. Guess what?

                About 19% minus last year, this is again wrong. So far 29M$. Expect, say +3M$ in December. 32M$ minus 36M$ that make 4M$.

                There is zero impact. That will make the part of private investors bigger…
                Your point about hiring making them solvent and almost correct. They hire… because they are solvent and have a good bucket of $ rto cover the next 12 months. As you said, training new employees is time consuming. You don’t hire, spend time and cash to train 30 people to get them fire 2 quarters later.
                That is non sense and believe it or not, CIG Directors staff is not made of guys who can’t compute 1+1…

                They all have been part of big project. Remember that rather than the next LandClaimGate or whatever next “drama” those patented trolls will throw to entertain us πŸ™‚

              • Harbinger73

                You’re either extremely naive or wilfully ignorant. An employees salary
                is only a part of the cost. On top of that you need to add health
                insurance contributions (National Insurance in the UK), pension
                contributions, computers, middlewear licenses and a whole bunch of other
                expenses. General rule of thumb is take their salary and double it and
                that’s the true cost of each employee.

                $10k per employee is actually lowballing.

                “About 19% minus last year, this is again wrong. So far 29M$. Expect, say +3M$ in December. 32M$ minus 36M$ that make 4M$.”

                Nope sorry, it’s 100% accurate:

                November 30th 2015 – November 29th 2016: $38,239,215
                November 30th 2016 – November 29th 2017: $30,983,482

                $38,239,215 / $30,983,482 = 0.81… (81%)

                They’re 19% down on the same period last year. Sorry to rain on your parade with facts.

              • Joe Blobers

                Well Harbinger, you just missed the fact I do manage International projects and team including hiring. I do make every quarter Busisness review with Finance directors so I know a bit about what cost an employee, including housing, insurance, retirement insurance, and how hard it is to get a good one…

                You did not answer the basic question: How CIG is still a thing if they collapse years ago because of insurmountable costs? I know no company that can survive while hiding legal bankroute and hiring at the same time an hundred more employees during the past quarters.

                if you can’t answer the equation, do not look further. Your computation is wrong. That is pure logic Harbinger. We could debate during hours about 8K versus 10 versus 12. Depending on countries, regulations, ages… Pure logic. How can they be still a company?

                Simple because they can, because they have an healthy bucket of cash and investors able to inject whatever is needed.

                Also about numbers and your 19%…. I know a bit about Finance practice to hide or show whatever number fit the bill. This is daily business of any manager around πŸ™‚

                Full year 2016: 35.9M$
                Full year 2017 (extrapolated): 28.7 + 3 M$ = 31.7

                Difference= 11.7% unless they make zero in December πŸ™‚

                Again it does not matter as their production plan + Finance + investors ismore than robust. We will get what we pledged all for ant not in 2020 or never.

              • Harbinger73

                “Well Harbinger, you just missed the fact I do manage International projects and team including hiring. I do make every quarter Busisness review with Finance directors so I know a bit about what cost an employee, including housing, insurance, retirement insurance, and how hard it is to get a good one…”

                More like your job is going from Star Citizen article to Star Citizen article in blind defence of CIG.

                “You did not answer the basic question: How CIG is still a thing if they collapse years ago because of insurmountable costs? I know no company that can survive while hiding legal bankroute and hiring at the same time an hundred more employees during the past quarters.”

                Who outside of CIG knows how they’ve managed to survive this long? Anything either of us put forward would be pure speculation. What is a fact is the maths doesn’t add up on backer funding alone so they must have some external sources of income.

                You really are full of it Joe. I’ve provided ACTUAL figures and you’re still presenting DREAMS of what may be. you and CIG are perfect for each other. I can see why you’re on their payroll.

              • Joe Blobers

                Your ACTUAL figures Harbinger are nothing but speculation.
                I got you point about company still hiring while they have no cash… but they are not Eron and can’t play with accounting lines between offshore account to hide massive lose… Is there a tiny possibility that CIG is not at financial risk in one of your speculation?

                About M$ yes a typo for sure. Spreadsheet with exact numbers is public. Despite LandClaimGate they made another +650K$ between 29th and 30th and another +70K since then πŸ™‚

              • Harbinger73

                Of course they can play with accounting figures behind the scenes, nobody has a clue about the finances of their US based operation, only their UK based operation because they are legally obliged to provide this information publicly.

                The only reason for a company to have as many shell corporations as CIG does is for the purposes of tax evasion.

                And how much of that $650k that they made yesterday from people still crazy enough to throw money into this dumpster fire do they have to pay out in refunds as well as pay the wages of their 450 staff and all the other associated costs?

                Claiming victory from a sale is pretty short sighted, they’re still going to finish out the year with much less money than they made last year with many more staff on the payroll than they had back then. Any way you cut it they’re spending money much faster than it’s coming in.

              • Joe Blobers

                So 650K new pledges = 650K refunds.. who care this is nΓ©gligeable. Wages? for sure. How many? What ever is needed… no need to play the speculation game of my numbers are better than yours right?
                You choose to keep the worst (they are doomed anyway) and calling underline people pledging idiot (to be nice). Who other than total idiots would throw money in a dumpster right?

                There are alternative path Harbinger. the 90days top.. and backers supporting a project they see as achievable (3.0) and desirable (4.0).

                You are right about claiming victory except I don ‘t claim anything. I just provide facts, LandClaimGate = +800K in two days. Success or failure of SC won’t be on the financial side (you can disagree) but on variety of gameplay that players will be able to appreciate. while they release and polish them (Alpha + Beta) and final release.

              • Harbinger73

                There you go again with your “90 days tops”, trying to inject Derek Smart into the mix.

                Honestly you’re obsessed with the man so much you cannot make an argument without trying to inject him into any conversation.

              • Joe Blobers

                You Harbinger named the Clown not me. This sentence is to sum up those who don’t use it but use either scam, sure failure or… dumpster fire. Do those two words remain you anything?
                Your dumpster fire is just another way to give some fuel to those who have a real hater agenda. I do not think you have one, that you wake up in the morning thinking how you can hurt this project no you don’t. But your permanent skepticism, which is a nice word compared to “dumpster fire”, is nothing but detrimental to PC Gamers at large.

                Of course you have the right to express it. And I have the right to express my voice, as loud and as longer I decide so.
                I won’t leave comment section to be a free open range fire to dissenters (again to be nice) alone, even if I think that at the end, only released contents (patch or whatever) will make a project successful. Those little battles of ideas/words/perception won’t make or break players decision… a few yes. Just that.

                Readers will have the choice to agree, disagree… and to click on CIG video available in every article… because on the top comment chart πŸ™‚

              • Harbinger73

                You know what, I have better things to be doing than wasting my time constantly responding to you so I’m going to leave it here.

                Have fun in your continuing quest to silence all CIG dissenters.

              • Joe Blobers

                Feel fee to come back. This section is not mine.

              • samplerico

                It’s sure Joe Blobers believes in this space sim, truly enough, he lives in a parallel universe.

        • samplerico

          I always like to say this when someone (who arguably doesn’t have a clue about gaming development) tells me i can’t talk about games because i don’t have experience in game development:

          I never eaten shit…but you look like you have. πŸ˜€

        • Tinus

          Roasting a great game? What great game? Surely you didn’t mean to imply that Star Citizen is a great game? Because it isn’t a game yet, and if this pre-alpha 3.0 build is what they have to show for after six years and 165 million, I wonder how many people are willing to give them another 300 million over the next 10 years so Star Citizen might make it to an actual game. Hint: not enough. Star Citizen is FUBAR. Get a refund!

    • Adam

      PTU actually open now for first wave of testers.

      • Paul Younger

        That is god news. Perhaps all waves will get done by that date. Thanks Adam.

        • Domaldel

          Its been open to the first wave for a while now.
          I’m fairly sure that they’ll land 3.0 somewhere in the region of that date.

          • samplerico

            Under NDA

    • Jad

      Sorry, but this kind of unprofessional commentary by Paul Younger is bringing this webpage to a new low. After 20 years, you should know better, Paul. Or is it desperation already? Trying to be “edgy” to stand out?

      • Ulric L. Wolf

        Somehow, speaking the reality is ‘unprofessional’?

        It sounds more like some fanboi can’t handle honest commentary.

    • Elly Davis

      I’ve seen more footage today after the second wave went out, not impressed at all.

      • Paul Younger

        Agreed. It’s looking quite iffy.

    • vander

      After testing Alpha 3.0 PTU for about 17 hours (and submitted 6 bugs reports) I’m more convinced than ever what CIG is working on. Great times for PC gaming.

      • samplerico

        great framerate too?

        • vander

          It varies – sometimes framerates are fine but other times drops very low. My GTX 750 Ti may not help either … ;). At this point of development I’m not bothered about performance or bugs much other than I do report them if not done already.

          In gameplay of view it looks like the game is becoming a space game I have been waiting for. Alpha 3.0 is a great foundation to start to add new gameplay mechanics into.

          • samplerico

            Well, lets hope their netcode can handle that space game.

            • vander

              Yep, definitely. They are integrating new tech during the releases and it will be interesting to see how drastically things still changes. I guess netcode will be included in Alpha 3.1 if ready.

              Marco Corbetta already told that there will be improvements coming to planetary LOD system in next PTU patch and of course they will still add missions givers, etc. before Alpha 3.0 will go to live.

              At this point I’m much more interested different gameplay mechanisms and possibilities.

              • samplerico

                I guess we always have the next patch to fix everything…

              • vander

                Well, it is good that they are improving the game during its lifetime as does most of the MMOs.

    • samplerico

      Woow, they will really make it in 2017? Impresive!

    • Chris Terry

      I’m so lost. All I wanted with SC was a big, open world space semi-sim adventure with a LOT of content so it’s not dull. Simple. I fire up the game and there is all kinds of crap. Not even sure what to do? I tried the indoors FPS shooter part and was bored to tears. I walked around the areas of the base and was bored beyond tears. There is nothing to do! Oh and lag. Lag. Lag. Tried going for a flight. Got out into space. Now what? This isnt a game. It’s a lounge of a screen saver. How do you get started? Why would you get started? How do you win? WTF happened to this so called game? Waste of time and money. Is there a finish line for the developer? Yawn. Been so long I don’t care anymore and will be uninstalling this brick of a game soon. Takes up too much HD space to be worth it.

      • Joe Blobers

        If you are lost may be it is because you just missed the major point: Alpha, not a fully released game and current 3.0 in PTU for TEST purposes not play it.

        Waste of time and money? Clear you can’t swallow the concept of crowdfunded project applied to Triple-A. Make you a favor, stay away of any kickstarter, Alpha or anything not yet released. But do not worry, this game in developement is going to be released sooner than you think a year and half at worst… in Beta for SC. 2018 will see many jobs added lime mining and salvaging… but still in Alpha. More stuff to test and to play with.