Star Citizen – Can we keep the faith?

Star Citizen – Can we keep the faith?

It’s 2016. Another year has begun for Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) and their much discussed and analysed Star Citizen project. This was conceived as a game that PC gamers would be eager to play and one which would utilise all the power of contemporary (and future) PC hardware. It’s an exciting thought that one day this huge space universe will come alive.

So how’s it all going? The simple answer to that is at a snail’s pace (see timeline). It’s so slow, in fact, that even some of the most faithful Star Citizens must be wondering if a proper persistent universe will see the light of day before 2018, if at all. Putting that to one side for a moment, there is also Squadron 42. That’s the single player component that I’ve been looking forward to the most since the crowd funding kicked off way back in 2012.

With a star-studded cast of A-list actors, this solo campaign is something we can hopefully all look forward to. At the end of last year CIG announced that the Star Citizen Persistent Universe and Squadron 42 would now in fact be two completely separate releases and anyone who didn’t buy in at the start (available now at $54) would have to cough up for Squadron 42 as a stand-alone release which will cost $45.

Star Citizen video has Gillian Anderson discussing mo-cap sessions
Big names don’t make a game.

This makes some degree of sense until you actually think about what’s happening here. Star Citizen is a game that is currently failing to meet any of its release goals. Over $100 million was raised (plus addition private investment), but with a large development team to fund across multiple studios in expensive locations, cash must be disappearing reasonably quickly. There’s no better way to raise additional funds than to sell the single player Squadron 42 separately, even though we’ve seen very little of this module aside from a staged cabin walkthrough, and mo-cap footage done with the actors. Oh, and Chris Roberts stalking around a studio directing it all.

This has been the plan from the start as they state in their recent update:

When we started Star Citizen’s crowdfunding campaign, the plan was that earlier backers would get a lower price on the Star Citizen starter package than those that backed later. The plan was to first gradually increase the price and then split up various modules for “a la carte options.” This gave backers who joined the project early on and helped get it off the ground an advantage. With the package split, we’re accomplishing this objective without increasing the amount of money needed to join the persistent universe. The ‘package split’ is the first introduction of the anticipated a la carte option: you can pick which part of the game you’re interested in, for now the single player campaign or the persistent universe, and then can choose whether or not to purchase the other module as an add-on.

CIG has set a cut-off date of 14 February to get access to the whole Star Citizen package, which applies some pressure on anyone who was thinking about picking up the game in the future and thought they could get the whole package. With this date now set in stone, there was a spike in funding despite the fact there’s still not really too much to play about with in the PU alpha.

In a few days, around the 14 February, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of a sudden we see some Squadron 42 footage appear to entice more players to pick that (or both) up. There’s nothing inherently wrong with selling these two games separately, but it feels like another fund-raising exercise based around shuffling a very light deck. CIG has not yet shown anything of substance from Squadron 42 and the main Star Citizen game still looks to be some way off.

The continual ship sales have also been disappointing to see, and it’s a real shame the PC community (usually reliably cynical about pre-orders) has willingly piled so much cash into what are largely still just a collection of concept images. With some backers now so heavily invested (financially and emotionally) in the project, there really is no way out. They’ll be crossing their fingers that Chris Roberts and his team can pull this off and it won’t matter to them if it comes out in 2020. Even Roberts’ appalling live demonstration doesn’t seem to have shaken the faith too much. Most backers are still sold on his abilities and passion for the game.

Star Citizen
Yeh. This is pretty fuxored. Who set this demo station up?

I enjoyed the first year following Star Citizen. It felt like there was a team that were pushing hard to create something special. But as time has gone on I’ll admit some of the business practices have made me feel a little dirty. Luckily I’ve not invested much in the project, because you can never tell what’s going happen in this volatile industry. Every week you read about layoffs, studio closures, and crowdfunding failures.

2016 is a critical year for CIG. If by August things have not improved with delivery of content I do think it’s time to write off most of the release schedule promises that were made at the start of the crowdfunding campaign (if there are still many left). January’s month’s studio report also reads as if they’re still a little rudderless when it comes to many of the game’s systems and design.

The goal posts have moved so far in the past couple of  years they’re now in the stadium car park. Can I keep the faith? I’m a patient guy but in four years there’s not a lot that’s actually tangible to get that excited about. Will Roberts surprise us all? I hope so for the sake of the backers who have thousands invested in Star Citizen.

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    • disqust

      I’m surprised (and disappointed) to see this kind of article in PC Invasion. You can do much better. I thought you don’t need articles like this to get clicks.

      “It’s so slow, in fact, that even some of the most faithful Star Citizens
      must be wondering if a proper persistent universe will see the light of
      day before 2018, if at all.”

      Have we seen a game this complex made in three to four years? Much more simple games like TES, Fallout, XCOM, etc. takes years to make even when they are build on earlier versions and not from scratch. Is there even a game that anything near what you can do in Star Citizen Alpha 2.1.2 with same amount of details and immersion?

      • Paul Younger

        Nothing is written to get clicks. I am a backer. This is how I see it currently. It’s my opinion as a backer. Someone who has invested real cash into the project and hoping as much as the next backer that it will happen.

        • disqust

          It would have been interesting to read a bit more why do you think the development pace is slow. It is an incredible complex and detailed game so it takes much more time than just couple of years to make. Sure the original goal was much simpler and straightforward game.

          Just wondering how long time TES 6, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Cyberpunk 2077, etc. has been in production is still not published. At least we can play Star Citizen already.

          Here is some more info about FPS:

          • aleph_one

            Those videos are all fine and dandy, but when a title is failing to meet any of its release goals, it’s hard to call it anything but slow.

            How much money have the developers of the games you mentioned accepted from the “crowd”? Zero dollars. It’d be really cool if people would stop trying to make legitimate comparisons between two completely different funding and development models.

            If an architect were to promise to design me a house “like no other house out there”, I expect some deadlines and goals to be stated and met. It is a reasonable expectation. If they don’t, does it really matter why? Don’t tell me you can do something, miss your deadlines/goals, and then say, “Well it’s because there’s no other house like it.”

            Oh really? ‘Cause I thought that was the plan all along.

            Chris Roberts responded to comments on “future creep” with an expletive and a rant about how those who didn’t back the project “…want what [they’ve] seen before.” Really, Chris? The people who’ve invested into your vision have legitimate concerns and you curse at them? Spout off some platitude about their desires and completely dismiss their reasonable dissatisfaction with how you’ve missed nearly every. single. funding goal? Defensiveness and cursing are two huge red flags for me, sorry.

            I gave money and have since had to emotionally detach myself from the game’s development. It was a hard pill to swallow, but continuing to believe is his “vision” felt intellectually dishonest.

            • disqust

              “… it’s hard to call it anything but slow.”

              But when you look what features are already in the game I think the progress is all but slow (Star Citizen PU). Squadron 42 is being worked on traditional “behind the doors” way, so no much can be said about it.

              Star Citizen is incredible complex game as we can already see in Star Citizen Alpha 2.1.2 and they have been working on it only some years now. It takes for typical straightforward and simple games like; XCOM2, Tomb Raider, etc. years to be done and those games are build on earlier releases and not from the scratch.

              Well, of course it is better to let the game “defend” itself :). PU Alpha 2.2 should be out soon.

              • ParpGary

                I’m not sure what you expect 2.2 to have in it other than a new version number.

              • Derbefrier

                a new EVA system, a couple more ships it looks like( some flight ready, some hangar ready), hopefully some group improvements and probably a bunch of bug fixes and optimizations along with whatever else they manage to get in.

              • ParpGary

                Any actual gameplay?

              • tastychicken

                It will have 300% more pain!

              • Star Pitizen

                And 500% more birds!

              • Derbefrier


        • Halacron

          Did you invest any fake cash in it? Don’t act like your *real* cash is any better then anyone’s else.

        • Railbydefault

          I’d say its pretty easy to tell this is the type of site that does NOT just write to get clicks.

          The irony is that disqust literally wrote that comment and subsequent comments to get clicks and comments. Blind whiteknighttrolls of the interweb annoy the shit out of me…

      • Star Pitizen

        “Is there even a game that anything near what you can do in Star Citizen Alpha 2.1.2 with same amount of details and immersion?”

        Farming Simulator 2015

      • Vikon99

        I’m a Professional Dev with 22 years Leading AAA development for PC, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, and Sega platforms. Yes, you should absolutely expect much more in this amount of time and with this much money spent. “Inside ball” is that it is a massive train wreck. I have an Admiral’s package and I have come to the sad belief that they are about to fold.

        • Raptor Jesus

          Sorry boys, I’m afraid we’ve spent our money on hookers and blackjack for Chris Roberts and his buddies.

        • Stan

          Only 22 years …..Lesnick was a snip of a young lad then !

    • Raptor Jesus

      This is FUBAR off the charts.

      Should have actually FINISHED and RELEASED ‘Squadron 42’ before starting Star Citizen.

      • Paul Younger

        That would not have been a bad idea but then many of the game systems would have to be locked down. This is part of the problem though as I see it, constant changing of ideas over the past 4 or so years.

        • Derbefrier

          seeing as SQ42 an SC share many of the same game system and assets, it would have pretty stupid to develop them independently and from a project leads points of a few a horrible misuse of time management.

      • bar10dr

        Its all connected though, SQ42 needs the functionality that is going to be in Star Citizen and visa versa.

        • Raptor Jesus

          It’s all connected… WTF does that mean?

          Squadron 42 is a ‘Wing Commander’ game. You now, interface, briefings, missions, etc. It is a STAND ALONE thing.

          • disqust

            Both games will have many same features; FPS, EVA, etc. Most likely the stories will be connected as well. So when they are improving the features they are being improved on both games.

            Squadron 42 is being developed behind closed doors like typical AAA-games. I personally think it is great that they are working on Star Citizen PU at the same time in open way so so we can enjoy the game way before the release. And of course the community can be involved on development process as we have seen. It is great to see how CIG and the community works together.

    • Zeldain

      It’s ahead of schedule. Just needed a hit piece for that ad revenue, huh?

    • Andrew

      Maybe report on developments for the game rather than engage in speculation. Speculation just leads to drama which isn’t productive.

      • Paul Younger

        Agree Andrew and that’s what we do most weeks, report on the game. However, we do also like have our own opinions and here at PC Invasion we never follow the PR line and hype. There’s not much speculation here, just stating the facts and how I see the current state of development.

        • disqust

          “… here at PC Invasion we never follow the PR line and hype.”

          Hopefully it stays like that but unfortunately this personal blog post makes it look like PC Invasion is jumping to SC hate bandwagon we have seen being a phenomenon couple of years.

          I suggest they would be a tag for blog posts so it would be distinguishable from the actual articles.

          Just being your opinion it would be interesting to hear reasoning as well. “The pace of development is slow”, “there’s not a lot that’s actually tangible to get that excited about”, etc. without further explanation is like reading a review “This game is pretty bad” but not giving explanation why.

          • Paul Younger

            I get what you;re saying but SC development has been covered a lot here and I think what’s currently available after 4 odd years says it all really. I don’t expect it to be finished but what I did expect was more than what we have. Based on the most recent update, which is their words, there’s still a long way to go.

            As for reasoning, all I can go on, like every other backer, is what they tell us. If I had some sort of way to report to you from the inside then that would be ideal. but in this industry that rarely happens.

            I can;t explain why development is slow, I think everyone wants to know that and simply saying a game of this scope takes time is not enough to pacify some backers, myself included.

            Despite claims of utter transparency with the development process, that’s not entirely true, and that’s why many things have changed during development and backers have been told after the fact.

            I get this is an issue that can cause arguments and flame wars but that is not the intention, The intention here is to raise my concerns with the current state of the game and the funding model. It’s certainly not to entice some sort of flame war.

            • disqust

              Thanks for the further explanations.

              It seems that we disagree at least with the current state of the game. I personally see it is already very impressive product; local and external physics, (soon re-enabled physics based) EVA, gravity/zero-gravity FPS, space flight/fight, very detailed fully modeled ships, etc. and all this with great graphics and without loading screen. I’m much more impressed with all that compared what any other game has at the moment. I think the progress only looks slow if one doesn’t know about the level of details they have put already in the game.

              “Open development” may give a bit wrong impression. It doesn’t mean we have access to their daily scrum- and other meetings. But the openness is still totally another level compared to any other AAA-level game. Only open source games are more open.

              I think the current funding model is the only way to go. Having a publisher would be a huge risk what comes to game because they want to have influence how the game would be. The publisher should be the huge one and when you see what kind of games Ubisoft, EA, Activision and some other publishes I would be very concern having their hands over Star Citizen.

              As with all crowdfunded games there are a risk that things goes really bad. But without taking the risk we wouldn’t have games like Star Citizen. That’s why I think it is great to see PC gamers support CIG. If Star Citizen fails, it is quite obvious we are not going to have game like this for a long long time – maybe never.

              … Well, just my opinions of course 🙂

              I hope monthly updates will ease your concerns about the game at some point. Star Citizen Alpha 2.2 should be out at any day now.

              • Stan

                He knows everything you write here and STILL has the opinion he has, as expressed in the article and additional comments.

              • Star Pitizen

                But don`t you get it? Any opinion that doesn`t licks Roberts`s boots is uninformed, biased and clickbait, and must therefore be purged in the name of our Lord and Savior, Christ Robber.

              • disqust

                Unfortunately the text has only speculations and opinions without arguments. That’s why I think it would have been more suitable being a personal blog post instead of an article.

              • Star Pitizen

                If it fails, you will still have Elite. An already finished game, that will add most if not all of the features that SC promises, and didn`t require 110 million dollars of backer money.

              • disqust

                Elite:Dangerous is a great game and Elite is a great series (although I prefer X series) but it is not anywhere near what Star Citizen Alpha offers now.

                As we know E:D is being improved by Seasons but as far as I know they have not talked anything about FPS, physical EVA, local physics, etc. If you have links to interviews please send here, since it would be very interesting to hear more about the future of E:D.

              • Star Pitizen

                First of all, what does Star Citizen`s alpha offer now? You can do a couple of quests, fly ships, EVA and engage in FPS combat in a relatively small section of a solar system. This isn`t new concept wise, since in Archeage or Darkfall, you can board multicrew ships and engage in naval combat or board other ships in an MMO environment. Same concept, but on sea instead of space.

                As for Elite. For starters, you know thay they recently implemented planetary landings. For now, only on rocky surfaces, with Earth-like planets coming later. Here is what else you can expect in the Horizons expansion:,31151.html

                So for this expansion, which will be concluded this year, we have looting, crafting, commander creation, multicrew.

                Here is what you can expect in the next expansions:

                To sum it up, boarding, FPS combat, capital ships, and although EVA isn`t directly mentioned, I think it`s included in the out-of-ship activities.

                That`s every important feature that SC also promises, and then some. And based on their track record, I expect that they will deliver on schedule, what they have promised.I do know that Elite is far from perfect, but please stop claiming that Star Citizen will have unique features, because this isn`t true.

              • disqust

                I don’t think anyone claims that Star Citizen brings new concepts to genre or to the gaming overall. X-series had EVA about 10 years ago. In newer X-games you can walk around ships and space stations, craft items, talk with people, etc. Elite: Dangerous is a great game and that’s why I own Horizons+Season Pass. We have seen planetary landing long time ago but Elite:Dangerous has arguably most immersive implementation and experience so far.

                What Star Citizen does is it takes all these features to totally new level in scope and in details (that’s why it is a PC game). Player is not a ship but a character. You are able to play Star Citizen without owning a ship. Character is not a floating camera like in X Rebirth but you see what your character see. The ships are very detailed and not only their models and textures but functionality; damage model, local physics, etc. No other game like that comes in mind. Implementing this enormous and detailed game takes time.
                Star Citizen PU is still in Alpha state and tech new is still going in. Of course lots of big functionality are still missing; economy, item system, planetary landing, etc.

                This is great times for space games. Elite:Dangerous get improved with Seasons and X Rebirth is going to get version 4.0 and “Home of Light” DLC this month. There are many other space games in development; new X-game, Infinity:Battlescape, Limit Theory and many more.

              • Star Pitizen

                Well, Roberts himself has overhyped his game by claiming that it`s the savior of PC gaming (like PC or console gaming needs saving) and that every feature he implements innovates gaming, and then you see various nutjob fanboys repeating these in every single article while trashing all other games, like SC is their religion and the only game they`re gonna play for the rest of their lives. And then you have the other nutjobs, me included, who make fun of the fanboys.

                You do sound more reasonable. I still believe though that Roberts and co have made many mistakes and many of their practices seem fishy to me. I mean, the press didn`t just decide to hate on Star Citizen, they do have their reasons and it`s not for clickbait purposes. Questioning poor decisions is a healthy thing to do. What isn`t healthy, is showing blind trust especially when 110 million dollars of backer money is involved.

                Anyway, let me add a few non-sim space games to your list: The also overhyped No Man`s Sky which I`m looking forward to since I love the idea of exploring space and planets, Kerbal Space Program which every space fan should play (it`s my all time favourite game), Space Engine, which is a 3D map of the known universe (the rest is procedurally generated) and also allows you to fly a spaceship (and it`s made by a single guy) and Universe Sandbox which lets you play with astrophysics, including planetary collisions and all that fun stuff. And there are more that I haven`t played, like Space Engineers.

                Great times for space games indeed!

              • disqust

                I have to say but I kind of agree with Chris. PC gaming is doing great but there are no many PC games that really drives PC gaming forward. Games like Stunts, Ultima Underworld I/II, Doom, Quake, Wing Commanders, etc. pushed PC hardware to its limits (not because of bad optimization). Big publishers like Activison, EA, Ubisoft, etc. are making/publishing console games only which are ported to PC. The CPU/GPU of consoles and a gamepad are limiting those games. I think it is important to have games that put modern gaming PC to work.

                It would be a bit more easier to understand some sort of hate against Star Citizen if they wouldn’t have published any playable material yet and they would work behind the closed doors. But since they have been publishing playable material since 2013, I don’t see reasons for hate. Sure, it can be frustfrating to wait.

                Well, anyway. I hope everything is going great and we are going to get yet another great space game.

                I was looking forward game called “The Seldon Crisis” but I have not heard anything about for a while. Unfortunately their Kickstarter failed. I guess they were not able to continue the development.

              • Stan

                Talking isn’t delivering a game. That’s the point here not the fact that CR can have fantastical dream and talk about what he is going to do whilst dismissing slipped timescales and pulling fantasy technologies out of his arse.

                Time to shit or get off the golden money pot.

              • disqust

                They are keeping us up to date by delivering lots of information and updating Star Citizen PU. Do you think it would be better them to start to work traditional way which would mean stop communicating and start to work behind closed doors?

              • Star Pitizen

                Yeah I agree with you on your first paragraph,

              • disqust

                GTA V is a great example of a good port. But I think Chris is not only talking about graphics but ambitiousness altogether. If you think GTA V, for example the city in that game is totally dead; NPCs are streamed near player and vanished immediately when they are far enough, NPCs doesn’t have “life” – nothing is simulated. GTA V was still designed to work on APU chips which are weak compared to gaming PC hardware.

                Today there seems not to be any reason to buy an i7 for gaming and only 4K/VR is driving GPU market forward. I personally think that it would be great if there would be games again that pushes boundaries so much that makes our gaming PCs crawl just like in “good old times”.
                I think where Star Citizen tries to shine is elsewhere than just graphics. It tries to combine very detailed First Person experience with high level features. The character is able to handle items like it TES series, FPS like mix of Battlefield and ARMA, detailed space flight, detailed space ships with complex damage model, local physics, complex economics, etc. and all this is very high fidelity and quality. I think those are the reasons why people are still supporting the development and wants to help CIG to make the game happen.

                It is good that people are a bit alarmed and especially with crowdfunding games. CIG made a mistakes with the deadlines many times in the beginning. These days they are much more careful although they still slips some estimations for release dates time to time. I totally agree that it would be better for them not to give even slightly hopes for release dates unless they are totally sure they can deliver the features. They are working openly and communicate with the community a lot (multiple videos, forums, chat, social media, etc.). I think that is one reason why they make mistakes quite often. One carelessly chosen sentence and they are in trouble already.

                One problem with the crowdfunding games are that they are announced from day zero. People knows about the project pretty much from the beginning and starts to expect results immediately. I’m not sure if any of the games I have backed has been published on target :). I’m fine with that though, since I understand it is very hard to make accurate estimations.
                When games are published by using a published the games will be announced in much later state. We don’t hear about cancelled projects or slipped deadlines because the games are worked on behind closed door.

              • Star Pitizen

                I never “stalked” an NPC in GTA V, but I remember that each of the 3 protagonists is living his life, watching TV, eating, playing tennis or doing whatever, while you`re not controlling him. In my opinion, GTA V is the best game in the market right now by far, not only for its visuals but also for the amount of content that it has and its overall quality. Every gamer should have it and every developer should use it as an example. The first person mode that they added turns it into a new experience. And let`s not forget that it has a separate online mode which adds even more features, for which we don`t get charged extra unlike in Star Citizen and SQ42.

                There have been only a couple of games that made my i7 almost explode, and strangely, they were all space games: KSP is one of them, while trying to fly a monstrosity that i had made with hundreds of parts, and the game trying to simulate physics for every one of them. The whole ship was vibrating and I was playing with like 1 fps while trying to exit the atmosphere. Good times. And the other time was in Space Engine, while flying around and visiting planetary surfaces capturing screenshots in max settings.

                Star Citizen`s scope is massive, and past experience has taught me to remain sceptical when devs promise way too much. I am not saying that they willingly lie, but from concept to implementation, there is a long way to go. Features get pushed back (private servers, VR support) and others prove too difficult or not worth the effort to implement (Star Marine module). Peter Molyneux comes to mind, and although I think that he believes the promises he makes, he gets tons of hate when he fails to deliver them. Destiny promised so many things and an epic storyline. It still is a very good game, but gamers were disappointed anyway, because they believed Bungie`s overenthusiastic promises.

                We do hear about cancelled projects and missed deadlines. I was very disappointed to hear that Sillent Hills was cancelled, and Dead Island 2`s release date has been delayed for like a dozen times. Those people that preordered it 2 years ago must be pretty mad by now.

              • disqust

                Other two characters doesn’t exist while you are playing with one. During character switch the game randomize an event what other character “was doing” at that point. Nothing is simulated even if the game gives an illusion of living game world.

                Star Citizen is extremely ambitious project but without trying we are not going to have games like it for sure. Lots of people are tired to play AC, GTA, Tomb Raider, Far Cry, etc. over and over again. PC gamers deserves finally something much more ambitious – like in “old good times”.
                Unfortunately there are lots of people who doesn’t want it to be a successful project and they spends lots of time to spread false information and make wild speculations.

                Star Marine is still coming and the functionality will be merged in PU as well as be an independent game. Priorities changes and it has to wait for a while. FPS in Star Citizen is size of a AAA FPS game already itself. Its not a small project.

                Like Leperray mentioned here, people who are not ready for delays they shouldn’t support crowdfunded projects. It may sound a bit harsh but it is good to keep in mind that software projects get delayed all the time.

              • Star Pitizen

                So is Elite designed for consoles too? Because it came out on XBox and is as ambitious as SC. And even if the games that you mentioned were designed for consoles, they are still acclaimed titles, while GTA is being considered one of the best games even on PC. If SC has half of its quality, it will still be a good game. Rockstar may have used tricks to give the impression that the characters are living their lives, but since these tricks fool me and most of the gamers, I don`t see why they should waste resources in creating more complex systems that are not needed.

                I don`t know if you are referring about me in the 3rd paragraph. Although I do enjoy trolling simpletons like Leperray and certainly criticise some of Robert`s decisions, I personally have no desire for the project to fail, because if it does, it will have essentially destroyed crowdfunding.

                As for Star Marine, Roberts said that most of its features will be transferred to the PU, but the standalone module will not exist. This is not what he was promising until fairly recently, hence the critisism that he gets.

                And I do agree that people should be more careful when they fund projects, and know beforehand that every project has its risks. This is why I haven`t personally crowdfunded anything, so that I don`t get buyer`s remorse later, whining in the forums and comment sections.

              • disqust

                Yes, Elite has to be designed for consoles in mind because they have to make sure it runs on them. They can’t design and implement any features to game the current consoles (APU) can’t handle. Elite:Dangerous is an ambitious as well but in very different ways than Star Citizen.

                I didn’t mention things about GTA to blame them doing something wrong (all games are faking as much as possible) but just to elaborate a bit why I don’t personally think it is very complex or “living” game world. The illusion works very well and it works for that the game perfectly. No more is needed.

                As we know there is “an army” who makes their best to make SC to look bad and fail. I didn’t mean to suggest you are one of them. Unfortunately some gaming sites/magazines has jumped to that bandwagon as well.
                I don’t personally think the failure of SC would have any affect to crowdfunding. There are so many success stories of crowdfunded games already that it has proved to be very effective way to get games done. Failure of SC would just mean that we wouldn’t get a enormous PC game that would push boundaries of PC games forward.

                Star Marine is still coming ( ). They had problems with implementation so they needed to re-prioritize things again. Some people were very disappointed about it but I personally it was a good/right move.

              • Leperray

                Don’t bother answering Star Pitizen.

                He is one of many Alts among (Tufao, jcrg99, mrmcpowned, Star Chitizen, Star Pitizen,GamerofThrones, mestremum, PonyMillar, TommenStark, MrGaribaldi).

                At the end, one single very sick guy.

                He got so toxic that some decided to make a wiki like url about him. That sum him up nicely:


              • disqust

                Oh, OK. That’s sad because it would be interesting to finally hear some arguments from the people who dislikes Star Citizen. All I hear is wild speculations, attacking against Chris and CIG and whining about that the game size of Star Citizen should be done in couple of years.

              • Star Pitizen

                I don`t think that I`ve been toxic to you, have I? Neither did I make attacks, wildless speculations or whine. I was trolling that guy in another thread and he is still butthurt, you can realise what a disturbed individual he is by stalking me here and posting a bunch of nonsense articles about people that I have nothing to do with. Idiots like that deserve all the trolling that they get.

              • disqust

                No you have not and I didn’t say you are the person mentioned. It has been interesting to read messages a person that dislikes/has strong doubts about SC.

              • Star Pitizen

                Ok, because you are respectful to the opinions of other people even when you disagree, and in return I do the same. With Leperray it`s different… it`s “just sex” haha.

              • Star Pitizen

                Hey Ben, still butthurt? Have you lost any pounds since we last met? If you get any fatter, the only clothes that will fit you will be car covers.

                Also, did you stalk me here just to link your nonsense article? And then I am the sick guy? Get help, creepy Ben. And go on a diet, you big sack of jelly.

        • Geronimo

          “There’s not much speculation here, just stating the facts” – Paul Younger

          “It’s so slow, in fact, that even some of the most faithful Star Citizens must be wondering if a proper persistent universe will see the light of day before 2018, if at all.” THAT’S A FACT!

          “Over $100 million was raised (plus addition private investment), but with a large development team to fund across multiple studios in expensive locations, cash must be disappearing reasonably quickly” THAT’S A FACT!

          “In a few days, around the 14 February, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of a sudden we see some Squadron 42 footage appear to entice more players to pick that (or both) up.” THAT’S A FACT!

          “With some backers now so heavily invested (financially and emotionally) in the project, there really is no way out.” THAT’S A FACT!

          “Every week you read about layoffs, studio closures, and crowdfunding failures.” THAT’S A FACT! (brought to you by Dr. Dr. Mr. Derek Smart)

          “If by August things have not improved with delivery of content I do think it’s time to write off most of the release schedule promises that were made at the start of the crowdfunding campaign (if there are still many left).” THAT’S A FACT!

          Gotta love the quality game journalism that always goes on the hard facts and reality around the industry.

          • Leperray


            According to Master Troll DS in June 2015:
            – CIG studio in Austinis closing… They move and expanded.
            – CIG is running out of money, it is the ennnnnnd : They jumped from 84M$ to 108M$ 🙂
            – FTC is going to have a deep audit of CIG: FTC answered, they do not have any ongoing investigation on CIG
            – I (DS) am going to pay a full page from my pocket advertising in the NYT to explain SC is a scam/Con : we are still waiting even a single line in the last page in any newspaper of any country.
            – People buy Jpeg : we are flying multiplayers ships in an Alpha system with stations, planet, quantum drive, basic FPS all being Alpha.
            – This is crashing every minutes : See great link overhere :

            Also Bad News Baron on Twitch can play hours without crashing…

            And the list go on.

            Fact is that some people, do not understand the time needed for a AAA and should avoid pledging to any kickstater because they can’t sustain the heat of developement, up and down.

            • Star Pitizen

              Take your own advice about pledging Ben, because you are insecure enough to go from one article to the next to validate your poor life decisions.

    • Ziio

      I think the biggest issue with the game is Chris and his idea that he could make it in under 2 years. A triple
      A release from the big companies takes 4-6 years of work, Chris thought he could do all this in just 2 years and its not possible, even with $100+ Million. Ships have to be built from scratch, systems have to be tested, and entire galaxy has to be created with missions, a working economy, and and entire PVE element. All this is too much for even a team like Rockstar to do in a few years (look at the time between GTA games). I still have a ton of hope for this game, and believe it will be a phenomenon when it is released, but if Chris had been a little more honest with development time there would be a lot less angry people right now. I don’t expect this game to be fully ready until 2018.

      • Ziio

        I do understand Chris expanded pretty much everything he had planned when the donations were well above whet he expected, but I know many backers would have been happy with a working game that constantly gets bigger than an alpha with only some features available. Focusing on the single player game might have been a better option then trying to make both games simultaneously, and given the developers and idea of what did and didn’t work for the community before development began on the multiplayer elements.

        • disqust

          Squadron 42 is being developed much more traditional way. It is worth to note that Chris is constantly in Britain working on Squadron 42. He is there at this moment as well.

          • Cash Roberts

            Chris is in the UK to shoot a movie not to make a game. Squadron 42 is 90% Cutscene and 10% menu

            • Stan

              The recent BBC interview on CLICK is interesting. It sounds as though CR doesn’t expect SQ42 to be out this year.

              You can’t blame him for trying to make additional $$ in crowdfunding because once SQ42 is out he still has a huge job to develop a basic MMO never mind an all singing and dancing one with the range of professions and alien species etc sold to backers by way of specialist ships.

    • MT Silver

      “With some backers now so heavily invested (financially and emotionally)
      in the project, there really is no way out. They’ll be crossing their
      fingers that Chris Roberts and his team can pull this off and it won’t
      matter to them if it comes out in 2020.”

      I think this right here is the most distressing part. A lot of people have been so sold on the hope of this game being some kind of revolutionary masterpiece that they refuse to acknowledge that there is anything wrong.
      People need to listen more to their heads instead of their hearts.
      I’m glad PC Invasion is doing what they’re supposed to do by looking at things critically.

      • disqust

        In the beginning it was just words and a dream (like all other crowdfunded games) to have this kind of game but it is much more today. Hangar module was released in 2013, Arena Commander in 2014 and Social Module and Baby PU in 2015.

        It was possible to refund for a long time and I guess those who had some doubts did. Despite the refunds the game passed $108M today and I think for a good reason. PC gamers has liked all the modules and especially PU a lot and that’s why they still support CIG.

      • bar10dr

        What do you mean is wrong exactly? CIG keeps us updated on the progress every Friday. Many of the systems they are putting in place are revolutionary 🙂

        • Cash Roberts

          there are no working systems to show, there is no economy and all you got is a tech demo and a wallpaper.

        • Stan

          The progress reports you speak of would not pass muster in any professional level review of project progress.

          • bar10dr

            Oh so you’re in the game industry Stan? How interesting!
            How many AAA games have you produced? Or do you perhaps prefer to be anonymous? If so why is that?

    • bigshot

      IMO, it’s not the game itself (or how far along it is or isn’t) that is casting all the doubt and damage to the current SC brand…instead, I feel it is the way in which the entire project is being MANAGED, MARKETED & PR’d that is responsible for the majority of bad press and heavy pressure from the backers.

      Why? Too much dishonesty and fake transparency going on there. Wasting public funds on a weekly video “show” which is hosted by 2 people who are clearly not entertainers and do not belong in front of the camera talking about little to nothing of importance. It’s all too clan-ish/cult-ish/bs-ish and is so poorly produced that it is more likely to turn new backers away than attract them because it is aimed at getting people hyped and increasing sales.

      There’s another issue…they continue to try and sell us things that do not exist in-game and there is no promise that they will exist or that you can get your money back if they fail to deliver that product. You can’t (or shouldn’t try to) sell a tech demo that after 2.5 years of full time production only demonstrates 5% of what the game’s actual functionality is promised to be.

      If you need 5 years, then as PR you tell the truth and SAY you need 5 years…and explain that you will continue to need more funds contributed during that time…you DON”t make empty promises and sell make believe digital items that do not even exist yet…and make videos that are all about hype and nothing about substance or the reality of your situation.

      It is the way this company and project is being managed that is the issue…not the code itself…THAT will be another can of worms to deal with in another year or 2 if they make it that far.

      • disqust

        “Why? Too much dishonesty and fake transparency going on there. Wasting public funds on a weekly video “show” which is hosted by 2 people who are clearly not entertainers and do not belong in front of the camera talking about little to nothing of importance.”

        Money used to produce AtV, RtV and other videos are funded by subscribers and no crowdfunded money is being used. There are lots of people who loves these videos and voluntarely helps GIC to make them possible. The videos includes lots of interesting information; interviews, technical discussions, etc. I would love to see other games doing the same.

      • bar10dr

        I’m sorry but your assumptions are wrong. All the weekly videos are paid for by a specific sponsor fund, where people who want to pay for the weekly content can. The regular funded money goes to creation of Star Citizen and SQ42.

    • disqust

      It is good to see a PC game that has such a strong community and a great developer. Can’t wait Star Citizen Alpha 2.2

    • lazerbeak

      Great article seems fair and balanced to me
      Its tough to criticism this game because so many people are both emotionally and financially invested and quite frankly have lost their sense of perspective or as the Americans would say “Have a dog in the race”, I during played the free trail period was not at all impressed, also the way the game is marketed feels like their gouging people.
      60s dollars for a ship? WTF?
      Greed is NOT good

      • disqust

        It would be interesting to hear in more detail why you were not impressed. Personally I think it is the easily most impressive game we have at the moment 🙂

        Article could have been interesting but unfortunately it had way too much speculations and too little arguments.

        It is good to keep in mind that buying a ship is a way to support the development and of course totally voluntarily. You can get the same ships relative easily by playing the game. So if you are not interested to support the development it is better to just play the game and “earn” the ships – and much more fun.

        • lazerbeak

          For a start they gave “free access” to the game for week I wasted time downloading it then wasted time trying to figure out how to fly only to find out I need to spend money to buy a ship a lot of money, tricks that like that make me furious. and pretty much causes me to write a firm off, ill admit I have strong views on such things, there where issues with what little I did see as well, personally I think you have something do with the game, so I am going to leave it at that

          • bar10dr

            Wait so your criticism of the game is rooted in that you didn’t get to play with all the ships during the free period but only got 4 of the ships that’s currently in the game? How is that a trick?

            When the game goes gold you will be able to get all the ships without buying anything at all. I hope you lose some of that unwarranted anger, not healthy to get pissed over every little thing that you feel is unfair.

            • lazerbeak

              I didn’t get ANY ship

              • bar10dr

                Yes you could spawn in 4 different ships in the Universe.

    • Harrison Ford

      PC Invasion doing their biweekly fellatio of the wanker that is David Braben.

      • Paul Younger

        I see no mention of Braben.

        • Star Pitizen

          He`s just salty, because Elite is already a playable game, with most of Star Pitizen`s promised features already implemented with the rest coming down the road, and all that by using much less money and not milking the shit out of its backers.

    • Avery Smallcube

      whole lot of familiar CIG defence force names here in these comments

      • Star Pitizen

        I`ve noticed that the numbers of CIG apologists have decreased lately… the rest probably got their refunds.

    • bar10dr

      What are you going on about? A snails pace? SQ42 is set for end of the year, there is so much going on in the studios its insane. Did you see the procedural planets videos? Nice clickbate Serek Dmart.

      • Cash Roberts

        don’t spread that misinformation, SQ42 will not come out this year.

        • bar10dr

          SQ42 chapter 1 of 3 is slated to be released by the end of 2016.

          • Star Pitizen

            Because CIG are well-known for meeting their deadlines…

      • Stan

        I don’t think you can reasonably use the word “set” given all the delay and changes so far. You would have to be some special kind of cretin to think anything other than very short term timescales offered up by CIG are guestimates or spin.

        • bar10dr

          Oh shit its Stan, the foremost expert on game production in the world

    • Janis Banis

      I feel the same, sometimes I got feeling CIG are just wasting my and other backers money… But i still have hope they will deliver me PU…

      • Dess_Aramae

        Hope is the first step on the road towards bitter disappointment.

    • Leperray

      Guys. Just a safe warning about Star Pitizen

      Don’t even bother answering Star Pitizen.

      He do have a personal crusade againt CR.

      If you are looking for unbiased advice or review about how SC is currently doing, just check dedicated reddit forum ( or Bad News Baron on Twitch. None of them are affiliated to CIG.

      Suggested more recent video of current Alpha 2.1 from

      Feel free to make your own personal opinion and do not hesiate to come back every so

    • lazerbeak

      I would be furious if I was a backer for this game, its like finding out your favorite charity is blowing your donations on champaign, rent boys, and blow, what we need is a decent hard core space flight, not all this fucking celeb bullshit(who give a fuck about CGI scenes anyway you skip them once you seen them once), THEIR WASTING YOUR MONEY backers and quite frankly talking the piss out of you, be angry with them not people that have seen the light, this all stinks like a another daikatana.

    • Leperray

      It sounds like backers (and more important New backers) continue to trust CR because of the huge aptch added every single month in the current Alpha. &n average of 3M$ per month added. Clearly people do not trust domme and nay sayers 🙂