Star Citizen event on Friday with Chris Roberts will show something

Star Citizen event on Friday with Chris Roberts will show something

This Friday CIG will be back at Gamescom to show off Star Citizen. This year is a little unusual in that much of what was promised at the same event last year has yet to materialise. There’s been a lot of discussion and debate about the next large update which is 3.0. The development of 3.0 has been in a spiral of weekly delays based on CIG’s own development schedule.

This year everyone is wondering what Chris Roberts will have to show other than a limited 3.0 build as it’s not quite ready for public consumption. At Gamescom the CIG team are currently demoing the game at their public booth showing off the Daymar planet with a lot of features disabled. With that in mind, we’re wondering what exactly will be shown on Friday at 8PM GMT. We’re betting there will be a ship sale though to keep the funding rolling in.

On Friday we’ll report back with a  look at what was shown but we’re not expecting anything stellar. If they do show something amazing, we won’t be expecting to see it released for a long time unless it’s a similar build to what’s been shown on the show floor. That would not go down well with the punters.

Tune into the Star Citizen stream which we hope won’t be a disaster at 9PM CEST/12PM PDT/ 8PM GMT on Twitch. Hopefully Chris Roberts won’t crash any ships this year and it won’t be more of the scripted gameplay we have come to expect from these presentations.

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  • Comments: 23
    • Tufao

      It’s great to see PC Invasion not buying anymore into the continuous consumer scam that is the Star Citizen marketing approach, as other dumb media have been doing.

      • Adept

        It’s doomed at this point, whether people give them more money or not.

        • Tufao

          I believe that if they cut all this planet bs and go back to the original design, hopefully keeping quiet (just focused in interactions with their backers instead trying to sell to more people), not going to shows, etc, for a couple of years, they could make a “come back” and save their reputation in similar form that No Man’s Sky just did.
          But if they continue as-is, yeah, it’s doomed.

          • Tinus

            No, I don’t think so. The only way to build what Chris has promised, is to start from scratch with a custom build game engine. Even if it technically would be possible to build a game engine that can do what Chris wants, he doesn’t have the money left for that.

        • Joe_Blober

          Yea totally doomed, a ponzi sheme, a con…. did I forget one? 🙂 Indeed just the opposite. CIG start to deliver what make SC a game not done by anyone else with the upcoming 3.0 patch.
          They started with a team and M$ end of Nov. 2012. They now have 428+, 156M$ (and growing), new backers every week. The game will be in Beta by end of 2018 and SQ42 Chapter 1 will get a schedule of release this year.

      • Donald Trump’s Trumpet

        TUFAO!!!!! the no.1 SC troll on the internet.

        • Ken

          I think he’s dropped down to #2

      • Joe_Blober

        You know zero about Finance right TUfao? The big money is not done during game development by after release with an MMO milking machine like many have done and have been successfull. SQ42 Chapter 1 will bring even more cash on top of current backers.

        And your percentage skill is even worst. 5% in 5 years… 🙂 Are you making predictions with dices? 🙂

        • Tufao

          They can’t make money from a certain flop, after all mess they did with their marketing approach.

          Better keep a development for longer, keep 90% of imagination with 10% of features been actually talked about or seen. The disappointment is a certainty, as we have been seen along all these years of more shows and less results.

          They just decided to make it take longer so they can profit more along the development. Why the hell not? As soon as they have fools giving them money for nothing, they will just continue with the show.


          • Joe_Blober

            Keep trolling and to use dices to get random % numbers 🙂

      • Tinus

        Yes, finally an article that truly states the current state of Scam Citizen. Hopefully more will follow so this biggest failure in crowdfunding ever will stop.

    • Paul Younger

      The problem is, they can;t keep quiet and just get on with it because backers want transparency and want to know what;s going on with the cash. It’s unfortunate for CIG but that’s the path they chose to try and make this game. At the current pace of development it could be a long way off still which means they will need even more cash. By the time this comes out, there could be similar if not better games out. I am sure AAA developers will be watching this closely and if the see an opportunity and think it could work they might just develop something similar on less budget and on time.

      • Tufao
      • Torb Inator

        They haven’t been getting on wit hit which is why the yare showing the shitshow that is a a whole 12 people playing some kind of shiutty leve lina small space on a moon. nothing to do except shoot buggy weps and sit in buggy bikes and ships. It is a joke but too many people that
        paid CRoberts 00’s 000’s of $ for jpegs are too blind to see it for what it is.

    • Tufao

      Nesta entrevista, o Chris Roberts basicamente disse, ao ser questionado, “quando lança”, para resumir o que ele falou,
      que já lançou e que estão melhorando o game lançado.

      • Torb Inator

        its already the MVP and hes going to use this to try wiggle out out any legal obligations he has to deliver an actual game as sold.

        Get a refund before it is too late.

        • Joe_Blober

          Troll are in force today… feel the taste of what 3.0 is bringing to PC players?… in a month… 2? We do not care. The demo demonstrated the gorgeouness of a single small “200Km” asteroid ans staion details, seamless space to moon, fight from air to ground… and Idris that was not supposed to be flyable or ever playable as per the warlord who again… failed miserably (and his few followers) 🙂

          • Tinus

            I saw the live “demonstration” yesterday. That is all they have to show for, after another year of working with 300+ people? And you still think that they’ll release a full game? Please, go buy a completionist package. You deserve it!

    • Torb Inator

      He thinks Sc is a game.. and is this a man that has any shame about the lies he tells to get more people paying for jpegs for a “game” that is no where near being released in any form nevermind a form that would allow people to actually do the stuff in ships they spend 00’s 000s $ on