star citizen fps module teaser still

    You’ll be seeing more of this, if you can stay awake at the right times.

    Cloud Imperium will be revealing more about the Star Citizen FPS module as part of the PAX Australia line-up on 1 November, so here are the times you need to remember if you’re planning to tune in. With it taking place in Australia (and various countries having put clocks back, or not put clocks back) the timezones can be awkward to figure out.

    These times come direct from Cloud Imperium, so you’d imagine they’re correct.

    So, to watch the latest on Star Citizen, you should be around at:

    In Australia: 9pm, 1 November

    US (West Coast): 3am, 1 November

    US (East Coast): 6am, 1 November

    United Kingdom: 10am, 1 November

    Germany: 11am, 1 November

    If your country isn’t on that list, probably the easiest way to work out when the presentation will be going live is to head to this page on the Cloud Imperium website and judge by the ongoing countdown clock.

    You may also want to factor in that Star Citizen presentations often start slightly later than planned.

    The event is promising “the first demo of the first person shooter (FPS) module,” as well as “something brand new for Star Citizen.” So, a few things to look forward to if you’re keeping tabs on the development of the game.

    Peter Parrish

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