Star Citizen

Ah, Star Citizen. It never fails to disappoint when it comes to crazy sums of money for virtual items. With $186 million banked from backers and still no sign of a decent game, or even Squadron 42, you can’t help but feel disappointed as a backer.

The latest money making scheme is called the Legatus Pack which comes with 117 ships and a further 163 extra bits and pieces. To be eligible to view instantly what’s on offer in the pack, backers will have to have spent $1000 on the game already. Yes, this one is designed for gamers who are already quite far gone when it comes to backing the project, or perhaps CIG was too embarrased to let everyone see this. Anyone who is not one of those big money backers but is serious about actually buying this has to contact customer support to see the page.

There is a lot that can be done with $27,000.  A new car or even a downpayment on a property springs to mind. On the other hand, there’s always the hope that one day some virtual items costing $27,000 will actually be usable in a ‘game’ that is over budget and long overdue.

It has got to the stage with all the different sales and the high price of some items that I am becoming more convinced Star Citizen is some kind of sick social experiment concocted by Chris Roberts to fund a dream and lifestyle. Again, I have to say this in every Star Citizen news story, if you have backed it already then do not spend any more. If you have not backed it, then do not buy in at any level until there is something that starts to look more like a game or Squadron 42 is at least released.

Below are the images from the page in question which were posted up on Spectrum.

Star Citizen 1

Star Citizen 2

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