Star Citizen’s latest hilariously priced Legatus Pack costs $27,000

Star Citizen’s latest hilariously priced Legatus Pack costs $27,000

Ah, Star Citizen. It never fails to disappoint when it comes to crazy sums of money for virtual items. With $186 million banked from backers and still no sign of a decent game, or even Squadron 42, you can’t help but feel disappointed as a backer.

The latest money making scheme is called the Legatus Pack which comes with 117 ships and a further 163 extra bits and pieces. To be eligible to view instantly what’s on offer in the pack, backers will have to have spent $1000 on the game already. Yes, this one is designed for gamers who are already quite far gone when it comes to backing the project, or perhaps CIG was too embarrased to let everyone see this. Anyone who is not one of those big money backers but is serious about actually buying this has to contact customer support to see the page.

There is a lot that can be done with $27,000.  A new car or even a downpayment on a property springs to mind. On the other hand, there’s always the hope that one day some virtual items costing $27,000 will actually be usable in a ‘game’ that is over budget and long overdue.

It has got to the stage with all the different sales and the high price of some items that I am becoming more convinced Star Citizen is some kind of sick social experiment concocted by Chris Roberts to fund a dream and lifestyle. Again, I have to say this in every Star Citizen news story, if you have backed it already then do not spend any more. If you have not backed it, then do not buy in at any level until there is something that starts to look more like a game or Squadron 42 is at least released.

Below are the images from the page in question which were posted up on Spectrum.

Star Citizen 1

Star Citizen 2

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • CB

      hahaha what the heck

      Have they started selling planets yet? I won’t spend a penny more than $50,000 for a planet.

    • Elly Davis

      Has anyone stepped forward and said they’ve bought one yet?

      I know some people have sunk thousands into this game but that’s spread over the years it’s been in development and I think some of that is down to “in for a penny, in for a pound” attitude. This is quite a different decision, like you say, you could buy a car with this. I’d be stunned if anyone coughed up this sort of money, especially considering it’s glacial release schedule so far.

      • James Abner

        Considering that it was organization leaders (this games version of guilds) that requested this pack.
        I would lean toward that being a yes.
        With hundreds to thousands of members pooling the money not so much.
        No, different than a lottery pool group.

    • FUD Buddy

      Star Citizen Development

      • James Abner

        Still pissed off that Chris Roberts told all of you goons to go fuck yourselves.
        How’s it feel to be trolled so hard, loser.

        • FUD Buddy

          See, this is exactly why people think that Star Citizen backers are toxic and cultists. You doing a great job.

          PS: I wonder how and when Chris Roberts told anyone to go fuck themselves. Seriously, i am curious, can you elaborate?

          • James Abner

            By, not caving in to the goons attempts of having the 9 to 1 ratio and the PvP slider changed to a councils decision type setup which the goons would infiltrate and control.
            Beerforthebeergod’s, and others epic rants as why CIG where “fucking up” where extremely funny.

            So, again goon enjoy your butthurt.

            Kicking the shit out of your Star Citizens will be the utmost in karmic justice.

            • samplerico

              Wake up Neo, take the red pill for once and for all.

              • James Abner

                Way to assume, I care about what you think.

              • samplerico

                You replied to me, so i assume you actually care. Wake up Neo, The Matrix is bugged as hell.

              • James Abner

                cool story. Now fuck off.

            • FUD Buddy

              Hahahahaha! You actually believe there will be a PvP slider and a 9:1 ration of NPC vs. Players? Let me laugh even harder!

      • Joe_Blober

        Nice attempt. At least that change of the monthly prophecy of Doom we got since 3 years and half by Nay-sayers who endlessly shoot “collapse 90 days top!”

        Picture or Prophecies fall in the same pit… proven false every day 🙂

        Next big patch is in 30 days, end of June (3.2.0):

        Details are here:

        Warning: Site content picture of true assets 🙂

        • FUD Buddy

          Hey! You are that guy that runs an obsessive and weird website dedicated to denouncing Derek Smart and keeping a blacklist/doxing other people that make posts on forums and Disqus? ( )

        • GT von

          It won’t collapse in 90 days, they will milk this cash cow for many years to come, I give it 15 to 20 years before demands are made.

    • Joe_Blober

      Paul’s comments are fair considering the amount of pledges received.

      It is really a matter for each one to be able to take decision and decide whether the current Alpha 3.1.4 content is okay to test or wait further more patch, one major per quarter in 2018 + smaller ones, that will bring more gameplay, starting with mining end of June, followed by salvaging, transportation, full Planet-sized city planned for Q3.

      Now to speak about this specific package of 27K, this is not intended to individual (even if anyone could get one) but to Org. See below comment from James Abner explaining who requested such pack: An Org leader.

      What looks like a horrendous amount (yes 27K is a lot of cash for average player), is a saving versus time compared to buy 117 ships + 163 variants and modules in game.

      Take and Org of 100 WOW members who did play during 10 years. They spend a total of minimum 184.000$ (156$ subs x10 + 40$ x 7 extension)… without even counting mounts, helmets and various pack at 25$ each… 1840$ each versus 270$.

      So “investing” to save time through 27K pledges sounds not that insane, knowing there is no subscription
      model to pay monthly.

      How can 27K can be more insane than 184K? because WOW players do play the game while SC is in
      development? Good catch. This is kickstater model. You pay in advance… a fraction of what WOW did really cost with proven real numbers…

      Pay in advance (kickstarter) model was not created by or for CIG. I repeatedly said that people not catching up the concept of Crowdfunding, should stay away of it. Until the project match their expectation, whatever they are.

      I personnaly won’t spend alone 27K on any project. But I am fine with 270$ with an Org for this specific
      project. Especially with quaterly patch, current pipelines and roadmap.

      Paying wages to hundreds of artists is another way to patron others and project you do want to become a tangible reality.
      At the end, jumping in SC cost in fact 45$…. not 27K$ 🙂

      Also CIG do have severel free week-end per year so you can even test before pledging… pretty transparent and far from any horrible money grabbing story 🙂

    • Jesse Low

      Scam Citizen. What morons are even left in this game