Star Citizen petition launches requesting more open development

Star Citizen petition launches requesting more open development

When Star Citizen launched CIG made it clear that they would be open with development, after all, it’s backers money they are using to make the game.

In the past six months, CIG has taken some action to be more open when it comes to showing exactly what progress has been made. The addition of the development timeline is one example.

Late last year when CIG decided to pull Squadron 42 footage from CitizenCon, it raised more than a few eyebrows with backers. Chris Roberts explained in December that they simply were not ready to show a vertical slice of Squadron 42 at CitizenCon and they also decided not to show any footage in the December holiday update stream.

Backers have seen hardly anything of Squadron 42 which is of some concern. The same goes for the big 3.0 update, nobody really knows when that will appear and late 2017 is the best guess. So why should backers be guessing? Should CIG be more transparent?

These are the questions being raised in a new petition which has launched asking for CIG to be more transparent and show exactly where they are in the development pipeline and show the progress that’s being made in more video streams, update the development timeline more often, and even introduce a Trello board.

The final request is to add the 3.0 update and Squadron 42 to the Star Citizen development timeline which seems like a reasonable request. Even if CIG are some way off from releasing these, surely CIG has a rough estimate for completion. Especially for Squadron 42.

With backers continuously pulling out and requesting refunds, it might be time for CIG to step up their transparency. This would at least allay any fears within the community and keep more backers engaged.

Paul Younger

Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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    • iratepirate

      Haha. Good luck trying to get any accountability from Chris Roberts. The guy is the Bernie Madoff of video games. All the backers are just charitable donors to Chris’s fancy cars and European vacations. You’ll be more likely to see a unicorn poop rainbow skittles than ever see the financials for CIG. At least before the law suits start.

      • Robert Kelly

        Lawsuits? Who would have standing to sue?

        • iratepirate

          Anyone who ends up losing their multi-thousand dollar “donation” when the company goes belly up. I’m sure a SC 4.0 turd will be pushed out to backers, but when Roberts claims the job is done for now when the game is missing 90% of what’s promised, there will be people suing.

          The pathetic “donations” excuse, won’t hold up anywhere with actual consumer protection laws. That’s why SC isn’t refusing refunds from anyone who wants one. They know their ToS is hot garbage and wouldn’t stand up to legal scrutiny.

          • jasonallen19

            You’re weird.

          • Joe_Blober

            Another legal expert…. 🙂 Can you provide what rules have been broken you are going to bring to court? Please give us more details.

            • Richard Ogden

              You are a dishonest apologist and troll

              • Joe_Blober

                Sure. Let’s just copy/paste some crap from Richard in one single other article (interview-erin-roberts on

                – Claim of fake CitzenCon live demo (proven false of course)
                – FXXX this scam.
                – FXXX Chris Roberts.
                – FXXX every single person still working on this scam, no matter what the excuse is.-
                – The reporter has his tongue so far up CIGs backside he can’t write..

                … and more… 🙂 Clearly Richard could write article on some news game site… 🙂 Poetry and thorough investigation wih solid proof… the guy is ready 🙂

                Here is a link about who profite the crime (to troll SC articles):


        • jasonallen19

          Nobody. The EULA simply isn’t nefarious, unless you’re paranoid. In that case, your iphone eula should make your head explode.

          Fact is their books easily show they’re ‘trying’ to follow through with their promise. There’s no profit, and everything is being funneled back into development.

          If you spent $5,000 on this project, and sued over it, a judge would laugh at you.

          Oh wait.. it’d never make it to a judge.

          • iratepirate

            Wow. Thanks for the fact filled reply. Just one thing. You seem really familiar with CIG’s “books”. I’m assuming you either work in the CIG finance office or have some public release data on this.

            I mean, you wouldn’t just be pulling this speculatively from your ass, right?

            • jasonallen19

              Even if I did pull it from my ass, it’d still smell better than the fake news you trolls are cooking. Maybe if you actually followed along with this project HONESTLY you’d know about things. But I guess it’s easier to remain ignorant so you can keep making shit up and casting stones? Like I said. You’re just weird.

              • iratepirate

                > Claim knowledge of internal business data then admit you actually have no clue
                > Claim other people are spreading “fake news”

                Perhaps choose one?

              • jasonallen19

                If you didn’t create strawmen, you wouldn’t find yourself asking stupid questions.

                You simply don’t have access to their books, so anything you’re saying about it being a scam, etc. is simply fake news. I can easily turn your question against you. They’ve been audited enough by licensed officials that have in turn said ‘they’re not cooking the books’. So unless you have their licensing, knowledge, and access… maybe sit down and shut up?

                Anyways, don’t be so hysterical. It’s not good for your heart.

              • iratepirate

                Cool. Thanks for the facts again. So, I’m assuming you’ve seen the audit reports right? Those were publicly released? Since otherwise you would be again talking completely out of your ass.

                There’s nothing to turn against me. Facts:

                Chris Roberts started a Kickstarter claiming he would release a game in 2014. He didn’t. He then claimed 2015. 2016. He didn’t. He now doesn’t claim any release date. Those aren’t “straw men”. They are facts that any competent person would use to conclude he has little handle over his own project. How much you in for, commando?

              • jasonallen19

                You’re absolutely delusional. You haven’t been following along in an honest manner, just enough to cast stones and act like a white knight.

                Frankly, go fuck yourself, and the fake news chariot you rode in on.

                Here’s a fact for you.

                You’re retarded.

              • Michael Nolen

                Moron, learn to read, CIG made no claim to release in 2014, the actual verbage was “Estimated Delivery” which is obviously not the same thing. C’mon, where’s your proof of malfeasance and criminal acts. Put up or shut up.

              • Llama

                Well, here are some audited accounts (not that they are particularly interesting):

                CIG UK:
                Foundry 42 (epic tax credit in their latest accounts BTW):

              • Joe_Blober

                Here is a link deciphering the 10 trolls and alts wanding around:

              • Michael Nolen

                you first since you started the claiming.

            • Joe_Blober

              Looking at who “like” you, not hard to guess from which ass as you said you get yours own information 🙂

            • Michael Nolen

              pulling claims out of your ass is what you’re doing. Right? You have proof of anything you claim CIG or CR is doing? pony up or shut up.

      • Richard Ogden

        Some of the financials are explored here but it is the tip of the iceberg.

        A taste

        “Remember, for some reason, there are 3 (!) UK companies for this single project. Seriously. CIG (UK), RSI (UK), F42 (UK).

        And CIG (UK) is possibly funding both F42 (UK) and F42 (GER); but there is no way to know that info without seeing the F42 (GER) filings, as they could be funded by

        CIG (UK)

        F42 (UK)

        RSI (UK)

        The complete (we think) list of companies setup for and/or associated with the Star Citizen project in some form or another:

        List of Star Citizen related corporate entities

        1) Cloud Imperium Games Corp, West Hollywood, CA
        2) Cloud Imperium Games LLC, West Hollywood, CA
        3) Cloud Imperium Services, LLC West Hollywood, CA <– The one is interesting. It is found on BBB, but is not in the CA Secretary Of State dB records
        4) Cloud Imperium Games LLC, Santa Monica, CA
        5) Cloud Imperium Games Texas LLC, West Hollywood, CA
        6) Cloud Imperium Games Texas LLC, Austin, TX
        7) Cloud Imperium Games UK Limited, UK
        8) Foundry 42 Limited, UK
        9) Foundry 42, Germany
        10) Gemini 42 Entertainment LLC, West Hollywood, CA
        11) Gemini 42 Productions LLC, Santa Monica, CA
        12) Roberts Space Industries Corp, West Hollywood, CA
        13) Roberts Space Industries International Limited, UK
        14) Twin Brothers Production Inc, West Hollywood, CA
        15) Twin Bros, Germany

        So someone crunched the numbers and connected the dots with all three Star Citizen companies, so you don't have to.

        • Joe_Blober

          Richard is one of the 10 active minion of Master Toll trying desperately to hurt Star Citizen Community they call Shitizens.
          Here a link about why and how they are delivering such non sense message:

        • JigglephysicsX

          You’re referencing Derek Smart’s website? lol

          • Stan

            And what are you referencing ?

            • JigglephysicsX

              Definitely not Derek Smart! lol That guy is an affirmed tool and is obsessed with Star Citizen. He’s a shameless self-promoter for his own garbage games. He only does anything to drive attention to himself.

      • Hazmat13

        Another troll. You Star Citizen haters are all alike. Same lame attacks. Same talking points.

        Why even read a story and comment on a game you don’t plan to play? What do you get out of starting arguments?

    • AStormApproaches

      Keep in mind that the window for getting refunds is still open, but that it is difficult to know how much longer that will be the case.

      • jasonallen19

        What’s your handle? I’ve been having a blast in Star Marine and your username looks familiar. Mine’s SentryBot619. Were you on last night? It was super intense. Can’t believe how nice Star Marine is running these days.

        • AStormApproaches

          My account was deleted after I (fortunately) got my money back out from the money pit.

          • jasonallen19

            Oh that’s a shame. I was a skeptic at first.. didn’t back until jan 2016, but imho they’ve really dug in and done good work so far. Star Marine is pretty awesome (alpha warts and all). It’s actually been keeping me from Witcher 3 and I’ve missed a few WOW raids because of it. Fun stuff.

            • AStormApproaches

              Sounds fun. Just keep in mind that a refund is always available to you, until they run out of funds.

              • jasonallen19

                Honestly, my investment is reasonable compared to my budget. I’ve spent more on a day at Six Flags. So it’s all relative. At this point I’ve had enough fun that even if they pulled the plug today, I’d personally be ok. (not saying others should feel the same). Just pointing out that I’m reasonably satisfied. Of course I want all the bells and whistles and for this to be the next great thing; but I’d rather not get hysterical.. so I’ve washed my hands of anything that might make me regretful.

              • AStormApproaches

                Great! It’s actually important that their be “people left holding the bag” so to speak, so that others who don’t feel that way have the opportunity to get out. Thank you.

              • jasonallen19

                Yes, I understand people with less means have made far bigger pledges than I have, so their emotional and financial perspectives will be different. Part of me wants to just say ‘well.. perhaps manage your money better if you can’t afford to lose on these risks’… but CIG did absolutely talk this up so I can see how some people likely saw it as irresistible.

            • Joe_Blober

              Do not bother. This guy rush to every SC article to shoot: this is scam, the end, vaporware… refunds!…

              Just drop a note to warn readers as he do for his “comments”

              • Dementropy

                Pot, meet kettle. Joe_Blober rushes to every SC article and then spams all comments with links to his little manifesto. His rants wild accusations do more of a disservice, as a representative of the Star Citizen community, than anything else. I mean, except for CIG’s own lack of information and missed dates.

              • Joe_Blober

                .. and Dementropy is never far to AStormApproaches ass 🙂 Could be very well the same guy indeed. Welcome buddy.

                So we are missing: NopeCat, Jimmy Dyke, NoEresTuSoyYo, wane-bradee,
                Raimbow Fart, Fundamentalist Daleks, MoreDelays, Potato and others alts…. gogogo guys before 3.0 is released 🙂

              • Dementropy

                You’re never far away, either. Are you Derek Smart? I think you might be Derek Smart.

              • Joe_Blober

                I may be Derek but you are not Smart for sure 🙂 Give me more 🙂

      • Joe_Blober

        Yes sure: Continue your prophecy of Doom.

        The refund parody…

    • Ken

      You wrote a piece on a petition made by a reddit troll that got 23 signatures? Lol wow.

      That’s a whole 0.00002% of all backers! Top notch reporting there. No agenda here. Not clickbait at all.

      You stay classy, PCInvasion!

      • jasonallen19

        This is basically fake news. What happens when people can make a fancy website that looks legit and barf up ‘articles’ that nobody in their org is fact checking.

        Sadly.. one fake news article like this just ruined the image I have of PCInvasion.

      • vander

        Unfortunately I have to agree. It is sad that PC Invasion has decided to be biased – no change to get a fair review of SQ42 or Star Citizen either.

    • jasonallen19

      fake news. A troll with an axe to grind created a petition.

      So in other news.. a random person did a thing!

    • John Hundley

      I have one word for this article and petition, PATHETIC. Reporting on a petition that has less than 2 dozen supporters? Whomever wrote this article or owns this site probably started the petition. Nice try(or not) but I call BS!

    • nawledgelambo


      – Star Citizen backers

      • Joe_Blober

        Low level troll shooting stupid comments on “behalf of backers” just to create havoc.

        Troll notation: 1 ou 10 for the time spent to type in Capt letters 🙂

    • Cloverfield

      Good article. The game that presume to be the most open of all can not even show a basic schedule for already delayed products (SQ42 several years now). On the other hand, the ship sales come in as clockwork.

      • Brian Carvalho

        Yeah i have to agree with you.
        There’s too many time and nothing solid comes… i hope for the best for this game.

      • Joe_Blober

        Several years sure… you conveniently forget the scope change… Nothing important right, just a AAA with two games in one… probably adding a couple weeks to developement? Give us your expert project sheet please 🙂

        • Cloverfield

          SQ42 has been delayed 3 times in as many years. Last oficial estimate was for 2016. This is not scope growth, it is just sheer incompetence.

          • Joe_Blober

            Sure. And your professional experience allow you to say so right? 🙂
            Cloverfield the guy who shoot fake number a month ago “After 5-6 years of development” but give advice on who is competent… to seniors developers with +20 years of successful development 🙂

            For Readers: Star Citizen: Dates & Numbers

    • Joe_Blober

      And for those not loocking for a clickbait article based on a petition cap of 100 versus +500.000 backers (what a joke) you can go read this article for which the guy get research, move to check insitu what’s going and came back with educated advice as well as critics.

      The day authors (how many have an official journalist card?) leaving articles on game web site follow such professional behavior, they will get more visitors… and credibility.

    • Richard Ogden

      It will not allay fears it will add to them. That is probably why they are not publishing anything like a reasonably project plan and the are ducking and diving.

    • Deplorable Erik Dee

      You know with all the cash this Ponzi scheme has pulled in, why hasn’t Sandi gotten a new rack? Or some kind of work done at least…

      • Joe_Blober

        To be complete, a troll link must have at least scam, vaporware, jpegs. Ponzi scheme is not officially endorsed by Master Troll 🙂

    • UV

      Terrible article,

    • Railbydefault

      Thanks for the update! I’m always interested to hear any new news about this game. Great article!! When is the next time that Roberts guy plays the game live??

    • Mtom

      What a stupid idea.
      Making a petition because they didn’t showed what you happen to want to see in the last ATVs. Meh.

    • briguy

      Use to read PCInvasion articles when they pop up but know they’re competing with IGN in terms of clickbaity and poorly researched. Must be a slow news day in anticipation for The number of games that are coming out in the next few weeks.

      I won’t be coming back here again because I value real journalistic values and just parroting what you read on a subreddit and not investigating further is bad journalism.

      • Paul Younger

        The point of this post is to show that more transparency is needed. Whether a petition is launched and has 1 signature or 1 million is irrelevant. I am a backer, and yes, I am frustrated with the progress and transparency coming from CIG. It’s simply not good enough. Sure, I could stick my head in the sand and say “nothing to see here” but there is over 140 million at stake and it’s not something I am prepared to do. Many other backers feel the same way and have collected refunds. I stil have enough faith that eventually something will come out so my money is staying in the project.

        Simply ignoring the issue does not get things resolved. More questions need to be asked and CIG need to respond by being more transparent. The fact that no Squadron 42 has not even been shown for many months is a big concern and backers deserve some concrete answers on what’s happening there.

        I understand there is a real passion for SC, but supporting every decision made at CIG with no questions being asked is negligent at best.

        • Joe_Blober

          Paul I understand your comment. All backers are not equal and are fine with more or less precise date, or news. We do have a lot of information every week. We can clearly see than things are moving in the right direction (at least on my point of view) with SM, 2.6.1, different ATV and sneak peek here and there. Does the all project is at risk because of that? I do not think so, at all.

          Why not asking CIG for a tour like Adrian Ip did? Yes there is NDA but at least you could have a much better perception of what is going on and provide more informed feedback from your very own eyes.

          They will definitively not show you a vertical slice of SQ42, well you can try who knows, but you would put yourself in a position to get usefull information. David did shoot 18 to 24 months before release, not counting major patch in between, which are meat to put around the bone. I personnaly think we will get SQ42 chapter 1 before twelve months as this is 1/3rd of the whole deal.

          You could make your own opinion. Now it is more easy to say than do as not everyone is close from a CIG office or able to travel at expenses of a company.
          Just for the sake of SC community and fellowship, I would be okay to participate to a common pot (say 5 or 10$) so you can make this trip with agreement of CIG and NDA. I am sure that this common pot could be easily filled in based on backers number. After all CIG got 142M$ because of the interest and number of backers… that should be doable, entertaining and fun 🙂

          Okay the other option is to get dates for all futur patch and SQ42 Chapter 1. But something tell me they are going to stick to their newly implemented next patch schedule report and nothing farther than 3 months 🙂

          • Paul Younger

            Having toured many, many studios over the years, a studio visit under NDA would not really help. Being under NDA means you can’t talk about the stuff that really matters and relay that info to the masses. Also, looking around a studio is no really going to help with transparency for the community as a whole.

            I did actually tour Erin Roberts’ Warthog Studio many years ago for StarLancer, and while it was fun to see. you never really get an understanding of what’s going on, SC is also a different beast though with many factors to consider, I seriously doubt they would be willing to discuss financing any form and the line you would get is “hey, we are doing great” and “everything is fine”.. That;s not particularly helpful.

        • briguy

          First, the point of this article is to gain traffic so they can make money from ads and clicks. To accomplish this, some outlets like to put up enticing (but far from the truth) titles and articles so people who are interested click on the link. This is one of those times because one person (with 49 signatures) created a petition that author even recognized that their views may not be the majority of the community. That right there delegitimized this whole article because the way it’s written is that a majority of the community is behind this petition when it’s patently not.

          Second, this petition is meaningless gesture. CIG is NOT obligated to do anything if this petition does reach significant numbers. As the petition states, the person is NOT representative of the community as a whole and, to be frank, this petition is simply a circle-jerk for people who seem to think that CIG is OBLIGATED to give them all the infos when it’s far from the truth.

          With that said, yes CIG does need to be a bit more forthcoming with information and they do need to manage the community’s expectations but that is all they need to do IMHO. I think most backers can get behind those two and not what this backer is suggesting. Would it be nice to have these things yes but at what cost?

          • Paul Younger

            Well done, you get the point of why it’s important to call out for more transparency when it comes to the project as a whole no matter how the individual decided to do it,

            Nowhere does it say the “majority of the community”. The majority of the community doesn’t really care and will keep pumping money in, but there are many, such as myself, that do care.

            As for clicks for economic gain, you obviously have no idea how little ads provide on the Internet these days, one Star Citizen article is not going to have everyone taking holidays in the Bahamas. Hence, click-bait on a gaming website does not work.

            • vander

              Whether a petition is launched and has 1 signature or 1 million is irrelevant.

              Nowhere does it say the “majority of the community”. The majority of the community doesn’t really care and will keep pumping money in, but there are many, such as myself, that do care.

              It is not irrelevant. It would be important to have numbers – many as 40 or 25,000?

              There are always “many” backers disliking some aspects of crowdfunding projects. I disliked when Frontier decided not to make private servers, InXile didn’t release Torment Alpha/Beta version for Linux, etc. I paid for them but I don’t feel “betrayed” since that’s how development works – neither of teams didn’t do those for being evil but because of necessity.

              The article was about the petition and advertising it. Unfortunately there were no any research done about “the issue” itself which would have made the article much better.

            • briguy

              I would love to see the click metrics to see how many clicks this article did generate (if it’s enough to keep the servers up for another month..).

              I’m generally curious, do you honestly think that your ideas or opinions matter over the majority of the “active” community or that your way is the best way? Because what you responded with implies that very thing. All CIG really needs to do is be more forthcoming with information about what is being worked on; the schedule report do a good chunk of this but those reports still needs more information about things like 3.0 mechanics, networking, subsumption, SQ42…,etc. What this petition is asking is overreaching, IMHO.

              IMO, the other thing that CIG needs to do is manage the community expectations. They need to give us ample warning when things get behind or have dropped off priority. Most people in this community wouldn’t care when that stuff happens because we KNOW about it, but they’re waaaay too closed up.

              I think they’ve evolved this way was because of the fickleness of the community. They use to show us a lot of stuff that was in active development but many in the community didn’t quite understand how game development works and so when things change, people got upset, QED, the Freelancer. Now we don’t get anything, unless it’s a higher-level conceptualization, on active developed tech/mechanics.

              • Paul Younger

                That will be down to CIG’s speed of development and having to overcome all the technical hurdles that have cropped up. Hence less to show because progress is slow.

              • vander

                Do you mean that the development of any game is always slow?

                It is impossible to say how fast the development progress is without knowing what sort of features and problems teams are solving in their development branches.

    • Michael Nolen

      The number of people who MIGHT be getting refunds is inconsequential to SC/SQ42 development. And anybody who likens Roberts to a criminal or claim that CIG is committing a scam with absolutely no actual or factual proof in the way of legal proceedings or certifiable statements or their random thoughts (As Derek Nor-Smart and his Goonswarm meatpuppets have evidenced) is a patent moron spreading FUD.

      • Dominic Lacerenza

        Exactly right. No different than liberals calling people who don’t agree with them racist. I’m perfectly fine with listening to what someone has to say about the company’s financials, and if we’re all getting ripped off and top level execs are taking fancy vacations on backer money, I certainly want to know about it. However it would appear that nobody has actually provided evidence that we’re all being taken for a ride, because if that was the case why haven’t they themselves sued CIG yet? Proof of fraud is punishable by law, providing you furnish that burden of proof.

        • Stan

          You are wrong. The “scam” is not .. CR sitting in a mansion having made up the development of this game, it is the way he is going about it that is failing and what he is doing to keep the money rolling in. It is the lies about the state of the game, the claims to be inventing technologies, about being open development, wasting backers $, rework, sayign one minute they have the $ to complete the game if no more funding, and the next that they do not. etc etc.

          • Joe_Blober

            This is lie. Chris Roberts did bought an island with hotels with backers money, with special video game room playinf Star Citizen V8 with VR device…. STan you are so much fun 🙂

        • Joe_Blober

          Hi Dominic. Just tfor the sake of sanity, be aware that Stan is one of the most distrub anti-SC troll around… Do not bother answering unless you want to have fun with him 🙂

      • Stan

        There is plenty of smoke from smoking guns in CRs dealings in the film industry and links to Gismondo.

        There is plenty of smoke form the continued lies about release dates (3.0 by December 2016) and the detail of the development process.

    • JigglephysicsX

      More open development? I’ve never seen a game’s development being so transparent? What do people want?

    • Stan

      Get your refund before all the cash is gone….

      This project is going down.

    • Joe_Blober

      To Readers, about Stan comment (a patented troll jumping on every SC article to spread hate and prophecy of doom), here is a link that deciphers anti-SC troll strategy:

      The project is not going done but exactly the opposite, up like never: 146M$ reach yesterday during a period without special communication or event… just words of backers spreading the truth = 2M$ per month:

      About refund:
      About Trolls:

      and last but not least a few links about SC tech:
      * Squadron 42׃ Facial Animation Technology

      * Star Citizen: Procedural Planets v2

      Be nice with Stan, give him a coockie because his single Master is a proven obssessive hater and incompetent dev 🙂

    • noskcile

      didnt they started development in 2014 why would we in early 2017 be expecting it 3 years latter, look at the hot mess of mass effect Andromeda 5 years in development and lunched an incomplete game that lookeds like it needed 6-9 more months of development time