July 18th, 2015

Star Citizen’s FPS team promise basically everything in AMA

star citizen fps module teaser still
I know, this isn’t first person. But it’s from the FPS module teaser.

Now look, I don’t want to be too skeptical about all of this but a new Reddit AMA with the team behind the FPS portions of Star Citizen has set off the Molyneux alarm. The IncGamers team has mixed views on whether Star Citizen will ultimately deliver on its wildly ambitious vision, but I can say that we’d all like it to succeed. Paul has even backed the game.

But some of these question responses by the ‘Redacted’ studio (an on-going joke, they’re pretty much confirmed to be Denver-based IllFonic,) are sliding into the “sounds far too good to be true” category.

Have a look at this imagined scenario, in reply to somebody asking what the FPS gameplay in the persistent universe will be like:

I’m a stealthy, solo player. I find a wrecked ship, i know scavengers will be around soon. I find a crate and put myself in it. I let the scavengers take the crate and put me in their ship. When i’m on their ship, some time later, i get out of the crate. Very quietly, i rummage around and find some goodies i like. I steal those… now i can either – A) Jump out the airlock and call a ride or B) go to their engine room and self destruct their ship or C) quietly hunt and execute the entire staff and take their ship…. or Z) they could have scanned the crate properly before loading it, blasted it with their ship and me with it…

That sounds great! It also sounds quite unlikely. I’d always be dubious about the design constraints of that hypothetical, even if it was referring to a fully dedicated tactical FPS title.

Speaking of which, the FPS bits of Star Citizen are apparently going to draw heavy influence from games like Rainbow Six and Arma. The potential for one-hit kills, tactical, methodical gameplay. That sort of thing. You have to be careful what you’re shooting at in space, after all.

It’s worth noting the distinction between FPS portions that are ultimately planned for the persistent universe of Star Citizen and the dedicated FPS module. The latter is “like Arena Commander, its very specific maps/modes only, the FPS mechanics in the Persistent Universe is a lot different, which allows full freedom of players, exploration of social hubs/etc.” This part is said to be on track for a release early next year.

Here’s a summary of the kind of movement the FPS bits will offer, which again note that this will be a slower-paced affair.

Movement will have walk/run/sprint/crouch/prone/slide(on knees)/sidle/cover/leaning/peeking/climbing/etc. The movement is designed to discourage players going ballistic though, so its not super fast paced like COD games.

They say there will be a unified first and third-person camera (but a first person view only,) allowing for things like limb specific damage. Zero-G fighting is mentioned, as are different methods of boarding a vessel. Sneaking on board vs blasting through hatches, that kind of thing.

As with so many of Star Citizen’s lofty promises, the proof will come when the FPS module is actually released and (much later) once the persistent universe aspects are up and running. It all sounds really good. But with this game, it always does.

The Redacted/IllFonic team say they’ll be showing off some FPS work at PAX Australia, so that should reveal more.

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    • Nasarius

      Well from a technical perspective this isn’t too far-fetched. They’re basically turning each ship into a FPS level. They’ve already demoed the seamless transition from walking around your ship to flying it.

      But in terms of the gameplay, I dunno. Balancing all that sounds like a nightmare, especially in the persistent universe.

      • StarDagger

        Good devs never balance persistent universes, that is up to the players, to make it UN-balanced in their favour!

    • lazerbeak

      ffs how long is this going to drag on? this is bigest cock tease ever, its got to that point were you would say “fuck you” im going home to have a wank

      • Nojan

        their FPS reveal is at nov 1 pax east , they’ve been saying that for over 2 months

        • Jaedyn

          PAX Australia*

          • Nojan

            Oops . my bad:D

    • Bobby

      the doubters…first they said PC gaming was dead, then ‘nothing will ever be made’ then but surely they’ll still run with the money, now its, ‘doubts’ about ‘features’ and such, ffs

      • lazerbeak

        I don’t doubt i’m just sick of it being drawn out so long every time they add a feature it means more delay, they need to set a deadline and stick to it

        • JS

          FPS is not a new feature, it’s been planned since the start. And they’ve had mid 2015 stated as a release period for the single player campaign for some time now, so no delays yet. The reason you might think it’s a new feature is because Illfonic, the team developing the FPS aspects of the game, are not technically a part of CIG (the main dev group) and haven’t been ready to showcase their work until now (at the upcoming PAX Australia).

        • Bjørn T. Jønsson

          You’re mistaking stretch goals for added features. Only a tiny amount of stretch goals have added anything to the original idea.

          Plus, you have results already. It’s called Arena Commander and is a playable game in itself (not a demo).

      • Bjørn T. Jønsson

        Yes, doubters and haters of Star Citizen are very inventive about why this game won’t deliver. I think there are many different reasons for this —

        1. They’re comparing Star Citizen with what they know from before and lacks imagination and beliefs that SC could be anything more.

        2. They’re protecting their own turf (consoles), which have inferior hardware, because the fidelity and details in SC is something they’ll never experience. This is the group that defends bad graphics with “Gameplay is more important than fancy graphics.” As if it ever was a conflict between the two.

        3. They don’t want SC to succeed because it’ll draw players away from the MMOs they play and the fair of empty playgrounds.

        4. They don’t understand how game development works – especially this project – and instead demands to see results in a pre-pre-alhpa. They forget that they didn’t knew much at all about how far the game had come in any of the games they currently use. So we have the paradox that these players are more content with knowing less!

        5. They’re generally uninformed or misinformed (by other doubters/haters) and make many assumptions on the wrong premise.

        I can mention more reasons, but these are the major ones I think.

        • lazerbeak

          well I hear a not of doubting on the podcast and I don’t consider the Inc team to be uninformed or misinformed

          • Tim McDonald

            Well, I’m pretty uninformed, but I’m probably the only one. For me, Star Citizen is an entertaining target. I figure I’m in a pretty good position, too: if it’s great, then hey, I have a great game to play. If it’s bad, then I have absolutely no investment in it (financial or emotional) and I have something to laugh it. Anything that gets quite that much money is fair game, as far as I’m concerned.

            That said: the fact that it’s an iterative game doesn’t mean that feature creep isn’t a concern. Regardless of how well-polished and high-quality the systems are, and regardless of how spaced out the releases are, there’s still a definite possibility that they’ll wind up conflicting with each other or confusing the product on the whole. To quote Sid Meier: “Don’t try to do too many games in one package.”

            By the same token, it’s absolutely open for judgment. Just because it’s iterative and just because content can continually be added or reworked doesn’t mean it’s magically exempt from any sort of personal decision-making on whether it’s good or bad. Sure, it’s unfair to judge it right now based solely on the incredibly slim pickings that have actually been released, but in a year or two, when we’ve hopefully seen quite a lot more? Hmm.

            • Bjørn T. Jønsson

              > To quote Sid Meier: “Don’t try to do too many games in one package.”

              It’s impossible to disagree with that but we can disagree about how many “too many” really are. Hence, we can disagree of how many games is Ok in one package.

              Star Citizen will have these main game modules:

              – Single player game Squadron 42
              – Persistent universe Star Citizen
              – Arena Commander simulator

              And it’ll span these game genres:

              – Space Simulator
              – FPS, both between ships and on foot
              – Trading in a realistic economy
              – Exploration
              – RPG & Social
              – SIM
              – Strategy
              – Modding & tuning
              – Adventure, real estate, different professions

    • Connor Howell

      The Molyneux assumption is based on a notion of having to produce a finished product on a disk, on a specific date. Star Citizen can add functionality when it is ready. All these critics are waiting for a day when they can point and say “look, Chris Roberts was wrong about what he promised”. But that day will never come, because Star Citizen is an on-going iterative project.

    • R6ex

      Mass Effect ???

      • Gdom

        This is like Mass Effect 10 on Crack Cocaine.

    • David Reid

      The FPS aspect sounds interesting in that it can lead to all sorts of fun gameplay, but I’m concerned about all these modules coming together to form that Freelancer I truly yearn for, a space game I can enjoy with my friends somewhat co-op style and in single player. One where I can trade, customise my character, ship and explore planets as well as space. Will my PC be able to run all of that lol?

    • StarDagger

      The most important Simulation to be released on the PC, since… well ever!

    • USMC03Vet

      Either this game is going to be massive with in depth everything, or it’s going to be the biggest bamboozle disaster in gaming history.

      The budget is far more than most of the most popular AAA games released and it’s entirely for actual game content, not bloated marketing budgets. Either way this game is going down in history for it’s end result and I have a feeling it’s going to replace Duke Nukem Forever’s spot.