Paramount Digital Entertainment have announced that Star Trek D.A.C., the game tie-in to the forthcoming Star Trek movie, will also be released on PC.The game features a variety of ships and lets up to 12 players take part in battles between Starfleet and the Romulan Empire in Team Deathmatch, Assault, and Conquest modes. Each faction has three ships to choose from, based around the classes of Flagship, Fighter, and Bomber.We previously reported that the game was multiplayer only, but this doesn’t appear to be the case anymore, with today’s press release detailing the game as having “single player, online multiplayer, and online co-op.”The game is due to hit Xbox Live in May, and the PlayStation Network and PC “shortly thereafter.” We’re still no closer to a price point or even the meaning of the acronym D.A.C., though. The IncGamers research department is currently working on the assumption that it stands for Dentists Arrange Classrooms, which they have assured us is proof of a global conspiracy of some description.

Paul Younger
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