Star Trek Online: New Oslo Class Ship

Cryptic has unveiled a new type of ship that will feature in its upcoming MMO, Star Trek Online.

The Oslo class, based on the twenty year old Norway, is described as a modular design. It is designed so that parts from other ships can be easily fixed if needed, and the ship can also be modified for specific missions. The need for this kind of modular build is useful for deep space missions or in times of war, when a return to a shipyard for repairs is not always possible.

In times of battle, the Oslo will come in very handy because it is not only equipped with the standard phaser array found on the Norway, it also comes with five Type XII phaser arrays and two torpedo launchers that can fire photon or quantum torpedoes. The rodinium-alloy hull plating and improved shield generators can withstand attacks from plasma weapons along with phasers, disruptors and torpedoes.

All this focus on weaponry and armor means there isn’t much room for medical facilities or research labs, but when teamed up with an engineering vessel the Oslo is tough enough to stay fighting longer than otherwise.

News on the Oslo class follows last month’s update on the Raptor, a new Klingon vessel. Read more about the Oslo at the Star Trek Online site