Starfield respec guide: How to reset skills and skill points

Starfield Respec Guide How To Can You Reset Skills Where Do Possible points

Although it’s a fairly common now for games to offer some type of skills respec, you’ll be surprised to learn there’s no known guide to reset skill points in Starfield. Players will need to do things the old-fashioned way which involves learning over time and branching out into new skill lines.

Fortunately, the maximum level in Starfield is either very high or there is no max level. You’ll be able to unlock all the skills over time and become one of the most dangerous individuals in the universe.

Starfield respec guide: How to reset skills and skill points

While you can’t respec or reset skill points in Starfield, we can at least guide you on some things we’ve learned how to do in our time playing that will improve your experience. The first thing we recommend is to keep about 3-4 skill points in reserve as often as possible. You never know when a skill or set of skills may suddenly be useful to your situation. You may also find yourself in a difficult encounter where some improved combat proficiency would be helpful.

If you’re unsure whether a skill will actually be useful, another thing you can always do is dedicate a save file before you purchase one or multiple skills. Once you have that set up, immediately unlock and test out those new skills. If you realize you don’t actually like what those skills provide, just load back to your previous state.

Starfield Respec Guide How To Reset Skills And Skill Points Abilities

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On the topic of choosing the best skills, we also recommend reading up on the best Starfield starter skills, ranked and explained. This guide will help you through the early stages of your first playthrough as everything still feels overwhelming. Companions also have skills which can supplement your own. Read this guide on what companion skills do. You’ll learn how to gain their skill benefits without directly buying the skills on your own character.

There are many things in this game that aren’t clearly explained and will only become clear with time and solid tips. As such, it also wouldn’t hurt to read our guide on 7 pro tips I wish I knew before playing Starfield. If you don’t read it, well, it might hurt later when you realize how much time you wasted. If that’s the case, we’ll assume your a League of Legends player, er, masochist.

Unlike skill points, there is a way to respec your traits in Starfield. Check out our guide on various ways to remove traits so you can re-specialize as you decide on your long term playstyle. You’ll certainly want to consider it with how massive of a game Starfield is.

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