Steam Halloween Sale

Steam’s Halloween sale has kicked off with big discounts, but it seemingly took a while before anyone could make use of them. Some users were able to get online for a moment at the beginning with wallets trembling in their hands and their backlogs crying in the distance. But then the Steam desktop client and website went down for around two hours, keeping everyone waiting.

It’s back now, so treat yourself to savings on horror games. There have been quite a few big titles in 2019 that might be worth picking up if you missed them, such as Resident Evil 2 or the many Lovecraftian games that have been released this year.

Pretty big Steam Halloween sale discounts

Here is a small sampling of games on sale at Steam from

Resident Evil 2 was one of the biggest and well-received games of 2019, so picking it up for half off is not a bad deal at all. If you are looking for some other horrifying single-player games on Steam, it might be worth taking a look at Observer or Layers of Fear 2, both from Bloober Team. (Observer even features some voice-acting from the late, great Rutger Hauer.) If you prefer to get spooked with your mates, then take a look at Dead by Daylight or Don’t Starve Together. Both would be perfect for a gaming night where you and your friends try to scare up some, well, scares. As is usual for any Steam sale, many non-season-specific titles are discounted as well, including older tent-pole titles like Fallout 4.

Explore for yourself to find all of the deals in the Steam Halloween sale, but expect it to take a while. Valve wants all of your money, which is really the scariest trick this Halloween.

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