This is you if you bought Battleblock at $15 last week.

What’s on Chef Gaben’s Steam Summer Sale menu for this fourth day? Will it be another fine serving of deal pie, or a stodgy pot of barely-a-bargain stew? There’s only one way to find out. Loading up the store page and having a look.

The stand-out deal of the day for me has to be Battleblock Theater. It’s only been out on the PC for about ten minutes, but today it’s 75% off making it $3.75 USD. That’s a steal for the demented vaudeville platforming thrills. Since it has co-op and competitive play too, more people getting on the servers with this deal would probably be handy.

If you want some kind of antidote to summer, then Outlast’s grim asylum-based scares could do the trick at $5.00. Tim certainly had a great time playing it. Although I may be misinterpreting the word “great” there.

With a new Tomb Raider game announced at E3, it’s probably no surprise that the 2013 is now well and truly in the sale spiral. You can get that for $5.00. It divided people on release (partly over the lack of tombs, partly over Lara’s somewhat rapid development into a stone cold killer, partly because quick time events,) but we liked it.

The Flash deals are pretty convincing right now too (they’ll be gone in seven hours.) Sleeping Dogs is a terrific open-world game, and even better at $4.00 (though everybody owns this on PC by now, right?) If you’re looking at the DLC too, Year of the Snake, Zodiac Tournament and Nightmare in North Point are the ones which add extra missions and story. The rest are outfits and other bits and bobs that aren’t really necessary.

You could pick up Fable: The Lost Chapters for a look at when Molyneux’s madness finally started getting the better of him. There’s a HD remake of the first Fable on the way for PC though (with controller support,) so if that interests you it could be wise to hold off. The Lost Chapters port is pretty serviceable though.

The Green team absolutely destroyed the competition in Day 3’s Summer Adventure, and Pink has taken an early lead on this fourth day.

Steam Summer Sale 2014 Day 3: IncGamers Recommends

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