Steam Top Sellers week ending 26 February

Steam Top Sellers week ending 26 February

The top two games from last week have swapped places in this week’s Steam Top Sellers. GTA V  is once again back on top as For Honor slips down one place into second.

Conan Exiles is slowly slipping down the chart but there are three new games this week, the strategy colonisation sim Northgard which has just landed on Steam, Berserk Band of the Hawk, and The Hunter: Call of the Wild.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands has received a boost thanks to the recent beta events and there’s a good chance that will soon take the top spot.

Steam Top Sellers

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    • JohnStead

      It’s pretty crazy that still to this day, GTA V is top selling on PC despite being delayed massively as well. I’m also surprised to see Wildlands selling so well, Ubisoft has disappointed with a lot of their more recent releases especially on PC.

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