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Sunday brings the latest Steam Top Sellers for week ending 10 December and this week there are a few changes and new entries.

PUBG is predictably still at the top of the charts which will have been boosted by the new desert map release and the imminent 1.0 release on 20 December. Everyone who is on Steam should just buy it in one single week so something else can have a stab at reaching the top.

Spellforce 3 gets a reasonably strong start managing this place in launch week,  EuroTruck Simulator 2 went all Italian with new DLC making it to fourth, and the other new entry is Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy of QWOP fame. Getting Over It might be the perfect Christmas gift for someone you hate to drive them insane.

The rest of the chart includes games from previous weeks, and with game releases likely to slow down from next week, it’s probably safe to say PUBG will be the Christmas No.1 on Steam. Here’s how it looks this week…

Steam Top Sellers

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