Steam Top Sellers week ending 25 June

Steam Top Sellers week ending 25 June

Surprise! There’s no change at the top in this week’s Steam Top Sellers as Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds tops the chart for theĀ fourteenth week having shifted more than 4 million copies. Amusingly, despite review bombing, GTA V has climbed into the second spot which could prove the theory that even bad publicity is good publicity.

With the Steam Summer sale now on, the charts could look a little weird until it concludes. NieR: Automata is back in third, Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor makes a reappearance, and Dishonored 2 and Fallout 4 are also back in the charts. New releases are not necessarily what’s going to make the top ten until the sale is over.

Here’s how the Steam Top Sellers look this week…

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    • R6ex

      Until SE patch their broken Nier: Automata, I’m not getting it from Steam.