Steam VR tracking for third parties available license free

Steam VR tracking for third parties available license free

Valve has announced they are now offering royalty-free licensing for Steam VR tracking to 3rd party hardware manufacturers.

This latest push of their Steam VR tech will allow manufacturers to utilise their position and orientation sensing into any device. This should open the door for new VR peripherals.

“It’s critical to the future of the Virtual Reality Ecosystem to open up the tracking technology to support the growth of a healthy portfolio of products that work together with HTC VIVE,” said Raymond Pao, HTC VR Vice President. “This is an amazing way to compliment the HTC Vive and spur further innovation in VR.  We will also offer training in the Asia region in the coming months to support the adoption and licensing of SteamVR Tracking.  We’re thrilled to see the world of tracked devices expanding and growing.”

Valve Engineer Alan Yates added, “Making this tracking technology available to more partners is an extremely important step in the evolution of virtual reality and 3D tracking. We are very confident that doing so will result in new and innovative experiences for all VR customers.”

The details of what the deal includes have been posted and it will mean that new peripherals can utilise the bases stations, sensors, and Steam VR software. Hopefully, this will encourage new innovative VR products to hit the market.

Although the license is royalty free, licensees will have to send an individual to attend an “in-person training program” which will cost  $3000 USD per person.

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