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If you want to play as Tim, follow this handy template.

On this Christmas Day, Gaben’s bulging sack is fit to burst, so … actually that sounds horrible – let’s just say there are more Steam Winter Sale deals. Doing any serious work at Christmas is obviously a faux pas, so I’ve got just enough time to list a few enticing offers before I need to get back to supervising a pair of ribbon-obsessed cats.

If you need to buy a late Christmas gift for yourself or a PC game-loving friend, family member or exotic mistress, here’s what I’d probably recommend:

Top of the Daily Deals may well be South Park: The Stick of Truth at 66% off; Obsidian’s tone-perfect collaboration with Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Probably not the most in-depth RPG ever created, but definitely the best South Park game out there. One finally worthy of the name.

If you enjoy managing balls, then Football Manager 2015’s 33% reduction is no doubt tempting. It’s not a bad version this year.

The current 12-hour deals seem to be catering to Tim, as they include MMO The Secret World (66% off,) Legend of Grimrock II (33% off and one of our nominees for PC game of the year,) plus Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (66%). The latter is certainly worth a look if you never experienced the delights of open world Hong Kong.

Alright, that’ll probably do it. Merry Steam-mas, everybody.

Steam Winter Sale Day 7 – Some IncGamers Picks

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