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Do you have snow where you are? I do, but not quite as much as depicted here.

Hey! It’s after Christmas. It’s before New Year. What better way to spend your time than playing some of the games you already own buying more games in the Steam sale?

Curiously, many games seem to be on sale today. It’s almost like there’s some kind of pattern to these discounts.

Grand Theft Auto V isn’t quite on PC yet (it will be, don’t worry,) but Grand Theft Auto IV is, and the good news about the cusp of 2014 is that most gaming PCs will now be powerful enough to brute force their way through the terribleness of the port. It’s $5.00 USD today.

On the other end of the port scale, there’s Alan Wake ($3.00,) lovingly brought to the PC by Remedy just two years after it was already supposed to. Or maybe you’d like to punch Superman in the face in Injustice: Gods Among Us for $25.00.

But enough about ports. How about some home-grown PC greatness? For that, I’d recommend Tropico 4, currently $6.00 in the Flash deals. It’s the finest Cold War island economy and dictator simulator available. For a rather more grim take on extreme politics, you could have a look at Metro: Last Light ($13.60) and shoot crazy Nazis/Communists all day long. Plus, giant spiders.

I have no idea if Farming Simulator 2013: Titanium Edition is worth $15.00, but it has “Titanium Edition” in the name so there’s no way I’m going to miss out on mentioning it.

Steam Buying Tip: You’re probably getting bored of reading this by now, but wait for a game you want to buy to appear in the Daily, Flash or Community deal sections. That’s when games have the most money taken off. The ‘regular’ sale discounts will run until 10am Pacific on 2 January, so you can afford to wait and see if that game you have your eye on goes even cheaper at some point.

Second Steam Buying Tip: If you already have like 25 other games to play in your Steam list, maybe just play one of those instead of buying more, eh?

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