Sleeping Dogs

I can see so many deals from up here …

Good old Sleeping Dogs, it never fails to pop up at an ever dwindling price in these sales. Yes, it’s Day 3 of the Steam Winter Sale event and if you still don’t own the open world Hong Kong Triad-em-up, then you may as well buy it now for $5.00 USD. Or wait until the next sale when it’ll be $3.50 this time.

Other deals today include Obsidian’s we-don’t-actually-like-Star-Wars-all-that-much take on Star Wars in Knights of the Old Republic 2 ($5.00.) Remember to look up the restoration mod if you buy that, as the publisher forced that game out of the door a bit too early. If you think Telltale will eventually get around to releasing episodes 2 to 5 of The Wolf Among Us, you could nab the whole season today for $17.00.

In the Flash (ahhh) deals, you’ve got the excellent XCOM: Enemy Unknown for $10.00 and the equally super Binding of Isaac for just $1.25. Did you miss playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution when it came out? Might want to grab the Director’s Cut with improved boss battles and stuff for $5.00 in the next five hours or so.

Remember kids, if the specific game you want isn’t in a Daily or Flash deal right now, hold off and see if it appears as one before the sale ends on 3 January.

Also remember, IncGamers is having a special Steamy Sacks giveaway where you can win a Steam game of your choice for absolutely no money at all.

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