June 19th, 2017

Steam Winter Sale starts 22 December – PayPal also confirm

Steam Winter Sale starts 22 December – PayPal also confirm

Last month the Paysafecard site posted a date for the Steam Winter sale and now it’s been confirmed again, this time by PayPal.

The PayPal Holiday Offers page has the sale listed as 22 December so I think we can safely say that’s the start date based on the fact both these pages have the same date.  In the past both sites have proved to be 100% correct.

It feels like the Autumn Sale has just finished but if you missed out on anything in that, there’s a chance it’s going to pop up again. With flash sales now a thing of the past the shopping experience should also be a little more relaxing which is exactly what you need during this hectic shopping season.

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    • http://www.steamcommunity.com/id/drglick Alex Pace

      Looks like it’s fixed. Must be ate, I usually spot that kind of thing. 😀