Stonefly Launch Launches Steam Pc June

We’ve had our eye on Flight School Studio and MWM Interactive’s Stonefly since late February. The top-down game with soothing overtones certainly made an impression with its painted art style and flying mech combat. Its developers have labeled it an action-adventure game, but have stressed its more calming features. Considering the aforementioned, it sounds like an interesting mix. We’ll know just how well the teams can pull it off when Stonefly launches on June 1 for Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Stonefly is a “coming-of-age story” starring a young mechanic on a mission. Annika Stonefly (oh, I get it) is an inventor whose favorite pet project is the creation of giant, mechanical insects she uses to explore the world. She’s on the hunt for her father’s missing mech, or “rig” — an heirloom taken from her family by a thief. Agency aside, it’s hard to ignore the robot part of the story.


So, yes, Stonefly¬†is actually very much a mech game. And like many mech games, there are battles to be had. No doubt making the pint-sized heroes of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids jealous, Annika can use her flying inventions to wage war on massive insect foes. In a recent trailer, we see Annika taking the fight to a swarm of angry insects. Combat includes using various weapons and abilities in combination. The trailer shows how you can use a weapon to knock multiple enemies into the air, before using a jet booster to push them off a platform. I suppose there’s something “tranquil” about showing pesky bugs who’s boss.

Not alone in the dangerous world of Stonefly

Annika won’t be on her own through her journey, and she isn’t the only one on flying machines. During the story, she’s becomes acquainted with the Acorn Corps, a group made up of “castaway mech pilots.” Not all among the corps appear to be human, though. Various game art shows lizard-type creatures in combat jackets, along with another who has a traffic light for a face.

Stonefly launches June 1 on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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