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It’s not often that you hear “chill and tranquil” and “action adventure” in the same description but such is the case for Stonefly. Flight School Studio and MWM Interactive’s story-based game puts you in control of huge mechanical bugs that battle it out and explore a stunning forest. This vibrant top-down adventure is slated for release in summer 2021.

According to Steam, Stonefly follows a “brilliant but naive inventor” named Annika Stonefly. Annika is on a mission to find her family’s missing mech, using her smarts and inventions along the way. Playing as Annika’s various mechanical bug types, you can glide across treetops and rocks and squash any hungry, vicious bugs. Plus, gather materials to craft new mechs and abilities. By the end of it all, “You’ll unravel a heartwarming story of self-discovery, family, legacy, and belonging.”

Flight School Studio unveiled a beautiful Stonefly gameplay trailer today. In the video, Annika crafts giant, rusty insects with enough legs to freak out any arachnophobe. There are a few different game paths you can take, including story-based missions and “exploratory patrols.” Stonefly also features some timed challenges where you can earn harvest materials. Check out the full trailer below.

Flight School’s past games make Stonefly look promising

Indie gamers may remember Flight School Studio from their past titles, including Creature in the Well. The world’s first “pinbrawler” combines pinball and brawling for some epically challenging gameplay. A BOT-C unit travels up a desert mountain to an ancient facility, where a mysterious creature lies in wait. Use powerful gear to defeat the creature and restore power that will save your city from disaster. Creature in the Well received mostly positive reviews on Steam.

More recently, Flight School Studio had a hand in Chex Quest HD. This remake of the 1996 original Chex cereal promotional game received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Flight School Studio’s past work makes us feel confident that Stonefly won’t be one to miss.

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