Stranded Deep is today’s free game for the Epic Games Store holiday giveaway

Stranded Deep Epic Games Store Free Games December 1

If you’ve been paying attention to the Epic Games Store this week, you’ll know by now that it’s giving away a new free game every 24 hours until we hit the new year. Today is the twelfth day of the “15 days of free games in December” event or whatever Epic is calling it. Today’s free offering is Stranded Deep, so claim it now before you forget.

Stranded Deep is a survival game that is geographically located somewhere in the rural Pacific ocean among a chain of small, unnamed islands. You’re some rich dude who suffers a turn of fate when his plane crashes into the water barely makes it out alive. Things only get worse though, because the harsh realities of survival quickly settle in. Once you get out of the shark infested waters… wait, there are also giant squid that will attack you. Great. Once you make it to the island, you’ll finally put all of those skills that you learned from Bear Grylls to the test.


You, yourself, and Wilson

This game features everything you’d want from a survival game. Hunting, crafting, building, harvesting, you name it and it’s in there. You can even build rafts and crude plains to island hop once you have the right stuff. Alternate activities include taking on bosses like Great White sharks and those aforementioned squid. If you learn to master survival, you can even make it to endgame activities.

The game has been in a state of Early Access for five years now, so the developer has put a lot of feedback to good use. Surprisingly, there are still plenty more improvements to come. Players are still hoping for features like co-op, but at the moment it’s only split-screen on PC. It does seem like a wonderful game to play with friends, and the environments are wonderful. If Subnautica was a little too much for you to handle, this might provide a more grounded and relatable experience.

Stranded Deep has positive reviews, so there’s no reason not to give this one a go for free. It’s the perfect opportunity to live a life as Tom Hanks. Hopefully there’s a volleyball somewhere that you can pick up and name Wilson.

Stranded Deep Epic Games Store Free Games December 2

The Epic Games Store has more than just these free games to enjoy this December

Be sure to claim Stranded Deep on the Epic Games Store before 11 AM ET on December 29, because like we said, the free games will only be available for 24 hours each. If you do have a little cash to spend and you’re thinking of picking up something for the holidays this year, also check out the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale, where there’s over 200 popular titles of various flavors. You can also grab $10 USD coupons, rendering some of those games almost free.

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