Stray Summer 2022 Release Delay

Stray, the story of a cat surviving in a dystopian world ruled by robots, took many by surprise. For most, it was an instant hit. After all, who doesn’t want to play as a cute, little cat in a big, scary world? No one. The game was on track to be released back in 2021 before getting pushed until spring of 2022. That would make its release right around the corner. However, according to PlayStation, that’s been silently changed. Stray looks to have been delayed slightly, and is pouncing on a summer 2022 release.

As spotted by Eurogamer, Stray and a couple other indies will release in summer 2022. Other than the cute cat game, We Are OFK is also scheduled to launch at that time, while Cult of the Lamb is heading out in the fall. We were hoping to see more of Stray before now. After all, spring is waning, and the game disappeared like a cat toy under the couch. The last we saw of Stray was during a showcase last year put on by its publisher, Annapurna.


The news came out of the PlayStation Twitter account yesterday. All games are heading to PlayStation, obviously, but they’ll also be on PC. Stray is a game where you wander the streets of a dystopian city populated by sentient machines. You can take on quests and solve puzzles, all the while searching for your home. Your only ally is a flying drone called B12, which fits snuggly in your tiny backpack. God, this game is adorable.

It’s the cat’s world, the robots just live in it

The other two games are also intriguing, but it’s a toss-up on whether they also contain cats. We Are OFK follows an indie pop band attempting to produce their very first album. The game approaches the story much like a musical biopic, interviewing the members who discuss the challenges of creating music while dealing with real-life struggles. Cult of the Lamb, however, is a dungeon crawling rogue-lite starring a lamb fighting against horrifying eldritch monsters. There’s something for everyone.

Keep an eye on Stray, which is now set for a summer 2022 release.

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