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There are several items that you can obtain from Azooz the Slums Merchant in Stray. At first, you might think that these are just side objectives. However, this whole process is actually needed for the main quest. Here’s our Stray guide to help you get the Super Spirit Detergent, Electric Cable, and Poncho.

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Stray guide – How to get the Super Spirit Detergent, Electric Cable, and Poncho

Electric Cable

This item is part of Azooz’s wares. It can be yours if you get Super Spirit Detergent (we’ll discuss this one shortly).

Note: Azooz also has other items that you can get if you exchange Energy Drinks. You can learn more in our Energy Drinks/Vending Machines guide and Sheet Music guide.

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Super Spirit Detergent

The Super Spirit laundromat is on the ground level of the Slums. But, what you need to do is climb various objects until you reach the rooftops. There, you’ll see two robots who are tossing around some cans of paint.

Move to the robot that’s throwing the cans and wait until he’s about to toss it to his friend. Then, meow at the right time to startle him. This will cause him to drop the can of paint right in front of the laundromat.

The proprietor will open the door, allowing you to go inside. There, you’ll find the Super Spirit Detergent item in Stray.


To get the Poncho item in Stray, simply exchange the Super Spirit Detergent with Azooz to receive the Electric Cable.

Next, follow the street to the left of the bar. You’ll spot the Grandma robot who’s weaving some clothes. Give the Electric Cable to her and she’ll hand over the Poncho.

Note: If you haven’t progressed the main quest further, then there’s no use for the Poncho now. You’ll have to meet Momo and collect the Outsider’s Notebooks first. You’ll then be tasked with placing the Transceiver on the radio tower. After that, you’ll access a secret room and repair a Tracker. This is the only time the Poncho gets used since another NPC will need it.

Stray is available via Steam.

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