The latest Street Fighter V trailer is pretty much just an enticement to pre-order the game in order to receive various ‘battle costumes’ for the in-game characters.

In terms of PC-relevance, the one to be paying attention to is Chun-Li’s (which is fine, because hers is clearly the best one). Based on this pre-order page, Chun-Li’s outfit is the only one designated to PC. The others all seem to be console-centric. A PC pre-order also guarantees access to the online beta.

I’d imagine those other outfits will be sold separately (or made available in some in-game form) later, though.

Street Fighter V is coming to the PC on 16 February, and is making a strong early bid for PC Invasion’s “Most Impressive Thighs on a Videogame Character 2016” award.

Peter Parrish

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