Subnautica Below Zero Kharaa Antidote Frozen Leviathan

Now that you can survive the cold in the Glacial Basin and Phi Robotics Center, you can learn more about what happened to Robin Ayou’s sister. It seems that Sam was trying to make a Kharaa Antidote which led to her mysterious death. Here’s our Subnautica: Below Zero guide to help you obtain the Kharaa Antidote.

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Subnautica: Below Zero guide – Finding the Kharaa Antidote for the Frozen Leviathan

Remember what we talked about earlier regarding the Spy Pengling? Yes, this is the device that we need to use.

Come to think of it, I’ll put up the Glacial Basin map once more:

Subnautica Below Zero Kharaa Antidote Frozen Leviathan 1

Notice those Pengling icons? Those are small caves that those devices can enter so you can pick up some extra materials. But, there’s one with a red circle. That’s actually the destination that we need to go to.

To reach it, simply head to the main area in front of Phi Robotics Center. Then, use your Snowfox and go to the western valley. Follow it until you see a Snow Stalker nest and loop around the hill.

Subbz Khr Antd 1

Continue onwards along the snowy path, ignoring the features and buildings that are off to the side. Eventually, you’ll reach an open area with some Penglings and Snow Stalkers.

The small cave is right here:

Subbz Khr Antd 2

Have your Spy Pengling enter the cavern to pick up the Kharaa Antidote. Oh, and try not to aggro the Snow Stalkers. You can either wait until they’ve moved further away, or use a flare to scare them off.

Anyway, once you have the Kharaa Antidote blueprint, you should be able to craft it using the Fabricator. It requires 1x Frost Vase Plant and 1x Fevered Pepper. Both of these plants can be found growing in the Glacial Basin zone.

Subbz Khr Antd 3

What really happened to Sam Ayou?

After concocting the Kharaa Antidote, you can go past the area with the small cave until you reach the Glacial Forest. There are several purple trees here, and your goal is to reach the western corner to find a bunker.

Inside, you’ll find the room of a security officer (Parvan) and, beyond that, there’s a chamber with a Frozen Leviathan.

Subnautica Below Zero Kharaa Antidote Frozen Leviathan 2

Examine the clues here, then use the machine to inject the Frozen Leviathan with the Kharaa Antidote.

Robin will learn that her sister and the security officer got in an altercation while the former was trying to cure the creature. This resulted in a catastrophic explosion that killed both of them. That basically ends the narrative arc concerning Sam Ayou. However, you can still discover Subnautica: Below Zero‘s ending by finding the Architect components for Al-An.

Subnautica Below Zero Kharaa Antidote Frozen Leviathan 3

Subnautica: Below Zero is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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