Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online doesn’t break record, still raises $2.3 million

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The Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online marathon concluded this weekend after plenty of good times and amazing feats. Top speedrunners from various communities participated in epic live runs to raise money for the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders. Although GDQ didn’t manage to break any records this year, it still raised a total of $2,332,595 USD. That’s incredibly impressive considering the technical complications of hosting the event entirely online for the first time, not to mention the impact of COVID-19 on everyone’s wallets.

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Well over 100 games were featured during the Summer Games Done Quick marathon. There was a mix of games both new and old from all kinds of gaming platforms. That included modern releases like Doom Eternal, where strategies are still being tested, to classics like Super Mario Bros., where speedruns are down to an exact science. We saw all kinds of crazy strategies as well as incredible flexes during speedruns. There’s too many moments to count, but you can relive them all or catch up on what you missed via the GDQ VODS archive.

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was just one of the classics we got to relive, and in record time.

Making people feel better in no time

It’s great to see so many generous supporters come out for a great cause like Doctors Without Borders. The organization operates around the world to provide relief to emergencies and disaster-stricken areas, and organizations like GDQ truly save lives through playing video games. Of course, just because the event ended, it didn’t mean the support did. Since the completion of the Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online event, roughly $30,000 more flowed into the fund. Furthermore, Doctors Without Borders operates year round. They are always in need of funds to support operations, especially in COVID times.

As far as Games Done Quick, it plans to return in January 2021. There will also be Frames Fatales, an all-women’s speedrunning event, hosted on the GDQ Twitch channel this November.

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