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Geoff Keighley, known for his many game shows and events, has announced the Summer Game Fest. This event will focus on a summer full of gaming news, playable content, and in-game events in the absence of many canceled conventions – including, of course, E3 2020. In a time where we would usually have lots of news and previews, Keighley is stepping in to help us scratch that itch.

Summer Game Fest to run from May to August

The Summer Game Fest looks like an awesome way to make up for the lack of gaming conventions. Keighley has held many impressive shows over the years with some great reveals. This year, Keighley was planning to skip E3 for the first time in 25 years and stated that he thinks E3 “needs to become more digital and global.”

But on top of the reveals we’d otherwise get from conventions, the Summer Game Fest will also feature in-game events and playable content from upcoming titles. It looks like the event could be even better than E3 has been lately. On PC in particular, the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition will run from June 9 – 14.

“For a while,” Keighley wrote, “I thought 2020 might be the first time in 25 years we didn’t have a big, magic industry-wide moment. It really bummed me out to see everything fracture. More than ever, this is a year we need a positive, uplifting center of gravity to bring this global community together.”

And that’s exactly what Keighley will give us with the Summer Game Fest. He goes on to explain that the four-month-long event is not a singular show, but a whole season of events. And apparently, it has “some amazing events coming.” Phase 1 will consist of big dogs such as CD Projekt, Warner Brothers, Blizzard, Square Enix, PlayStation, Xbox, Riot, and more.

You can check out the official website for the schedule and to sign up for notifications for when the first show goes live.

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