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[update 3:05 PM PST]: Sunset Overdrive is officially out today on PC. You can buy the game for $19.99 on either Steam or the Microsoft Store

Sunset Overdrive, one of the Xbox One’s main early showcase games, is officially coming to Windows 10. It’s only been about a week since we last saw signs that the post-apocalyptic city crawler would soon come to PC. That turned out to be correct, as Insomniac officially announced it today with the release of a PC launch trailer.

From Rumors To Official Release

Sunset Overdrive – Windows 10 Pc Launch Trailer Insomniac Games

But this honestly has been a bit of a weird release. Sunset Overdrive was rumored to be coming to PC multiple times over the past few months due to separate leaks. However, instead of acknowledging the port and using the press to hype up the game and boost sales, Insomniac and Microsoft keep silent.

Finally, out of nowhere, the release trailer arrived a mere day before its sudden release. I don’t know about you, but this really feels like some poor advertising on Xbox’s part. The game didn’t sell amazingly on Xbox One, so why wouldn’t you use this opportunity for more sales on PC?

What I’ve Noticed From The Trailer

Sunset Overdrive – Windows 10 Pc Launch Trailer Insomniac Games

After watching the release trailer there are a few odd things I noticed. First of all, the framerate in the cutscenes shown looks a little choppy. Second, it keeps saying “play now” or “consume now,” but it’s not officially available until tomorrow, November 16. Finally, the trailer makes no mention of what client the game will use. All the taglines mention “play now on Windows 10 PC,” though, which seems to suggest it is a Microsoft Store exclusive.

Please Come To Steam

The odd part about Microsoft Store exclusivity lies in how the most recent round of rumors started. Namely, it leaked on the Steam database. One would think that would mean Sunset Overdrive is coming to Steam, except Insomniac later pulled it down from the database. Was it just to try and keep the announcement from leaking? Or could Microsoft have had them pull out at the last minute? We don’t know. I just know I really don’t want to have to go through the Microsoft Store to play this.

From my experience, games hosted through the Windows Store run poorly, are rife with performance bugs, and can even segregate their online from Steam (though, admittedly, that last instance was from years ago). And if you’re on anything older than Windows 10, you won’t be able to play the game.

I’ll be nabbing Sunset Overdrive ASAP, as long as it’s not exclusive to the Windows Store. But what do you think? Are you excited? Do you think it’s coming to Steam for sure? Make sure to let us know your thoughts.

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