Superhot Cooking Simulator

Now here’s something we’d never thought we’d see — a slo-mo shooter combined with a ridiculous cooking simulator. But that’s apparently what fans are getting right now on Steam. There’s a special bundle available that features both Superhot and Cooking Simulator for the solid bundle price of $20.38.

The bundle is here to help celebrate the fourth anniversary of Superhot on Steam, which has become a best-seller since its release. On top of that, Cooking Simulator recently got a new mode inspired by the hit game, in which fans can prep food in slow motion. The trailer below provides a good idea of how to do that.

Wait, Superhot is four years old?!

SUPERHOT team’s indie favorite has been making the rounds for some time now. It’s become a big hit with critics and fans alike, challenged by its visceral first-person action. You’ll basically have to dodge incoming attacks, grab whatever weapons you can find, and survive to the next round.

As for Cooking Simulator, it’s exactly as it states. You put together a number of dishes while trying to overcome humorous mishaps along the way. And with its new Superhot Challenge mode, you’ll have to fend off invading enemies while still preparing your move. Be careful — if you make the wrong move, this could be your last meal!

If you already have Cooking Simulator in your library, you can still get Superhot for a scorching price. It’s currently selling for $9.99 for a limited time, through March 2. If you don’t own Cooking Simulator, you can get that as well for $13.99. You might as well buy the bundle and give Superhot to a friend. 

Check out the trailer below and let the slo-mo cooking madness commence. Both games are available for download now and should become instant favorites for fans of indie games. Or fans of faceless red guys.

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