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Sivilia Mountains #1: Earthshatter

Below, you’ll see a map for Sivilia Mountains:

Sao Al Easgtc 1a

If you’ve been doing the main quest in Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris, then Fanis Town should be the closest savepoint. Go ahead and fast travel there.

Once you spawn, head north and follow the grassy fields all the way to the chest.

Sao Al Easgtc 1b

You’ll turn northwest eventually and you’ll spot a Clamp. You can safely ignore it.

Sao Al Easgtc 1c

The golden treasure chest is right behind the temple.

Reward: Earthshatter (mace) – +98 damage; +2 critical; +48 Sacred Arts damage; “Iron Will” perk (+10% DEF).

Sao Al Easgtc 1d

Sivilia Mountains #2: Redwood Rapier

Go back to Fanis Town once more and look towards the south to see a gigantic bridge.

Sao Al Easgtc 2a

Once you’re halfway past the bridge, look east. There’s a massive gash on the ground caused by a meteor. Our goal is to head close to where it crashed.

Sao Al Easgtc 2b

Just jump down and keep moving straight through the valley.

Sao Al Easgtc 2c

Near the end, you’ll find the golden treasure chest.

Reward: Redwood Rapier – +75 damage; +4 critical; “Blade Synchronization” perk (+5 skill connect window of opportunity/time).

Sao Al Easgtc 2d

Sarole Mountains #1: Undying Sakura

Below, you’ll see a map of Sarole Mountains:

Sao Al Easgtc 3a

Here’s the thing: it’s very likely that you’ve already found the golden treasure chests in Sarole Mountains. That’s because you’ll pass by these areas while doing Back to Rest/The Golden Shoot, an extremely annoying main quest in Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris‘ fifth chapter. Let’s consider this as a refresher then.

Go ahead and spawn at the Bonfire savepoint. You’ll see a rock outcropping that you can clamber on top of.

Sao Al Easgtc 3b

Next, use your whip’s “Catch Move” skill to cross the gap.

Sao Al Easgtc 3c

This should take you to the bamboo forest where you’ll find the Golden Shoot. Now, if you move further to the northeast, you’ll also spot the treasure chest near a warrior statue.

Reward: Undying Sakura (dagger) – +59 damage; +47 Sacred Arts damage; “Detect Weakness” perk (+5% crit rate).

Sao Al Easgtc 3d

Sarole Mountains #2: Phantom Peak

This one takes us through the previously guarded Nerta Caves and high up to its apex.

Sao Al Easgtc 4a

Once you reach the top, save your game and look below you.

Sao Al Easgtc 4b

The chest is down below, and you’ll need to jump (or glide) down to reach it.

Reward: Phantom Peak (2H sword) – +121 damage; “Thirst for Blood” perk (increases crit rate depending on your remaining SP +50%; -10% DEF).

Sao Al Easgtc 4c

Treitis Pass: Heavenly Light Clothes

Below, you’ll see a map of Treitis Pass:

Sao Al Easgtc 5a

Fast travel to the Palace Ruins Gate savepoint. It’s now overrun by icky slugs.

Sao Al Easgtc 5b

Ignore them and follow the mountain pass. Instead of going north to Ehnod Palace Ruins where you fought the Dark Knights, keep heading southeast.

Sao Al Easgtc 5c

You’ll find the chest at the end.

Reward: Heavenly Light Clothes (armor) – +42 defense; +50 Sacred Arts damage; “Fortification of the Gods” perk (+60% Sacred Arts power and -10% Skill power).

Sao Al Easgtc 5d

Now that we’re done with these three zones in Eastavarieth, let’s check out the Great Mound Road and Eastern Pass.

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