Sword of the Sea brings Giant Squid back to their sandy roots

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Giant Squid, the developer behind Abzû and The Pathless, has just unveiled its latest title, Sword of the Sea: a game which, based on the trailer shown during the Playstation Showcase, looks to follow in the footsteps of the era-defining Journey before it.

Sword of the Sea announced during Sony’s Playstation Showcase

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Beginning with a close-up look at the titular sword, the gameplay trailer for Sword of the Sea then proceeds to evoke Journey in nearly every way possible: from its undulating waves of near-aqueous sand, to the smooth, surfer-esque movements the player character uses to navigate them. This isn’t too surprising, of course, given how Giant Squid is a studio founded by several ex-staff members from Thatgamecompany, the creators of that seminal 2012 hit.

Sword of the Sea looks to flesh out the ideas Journey put forward, featuring a named protagonist in ‘The Wraith,’ and a more involved movement system that leaves room for player choice and expression. This system is enabled by the addition of the Hoversword: a weapon which, according to the game’s official announcement post on the Playstation website, “controls like a snowboard, skateboard, and hoverboard all in one. The Hoversword embodies the feel of snowboarding and skating games, but in an entirely new context of adventure.”

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Image via Giant Squid

While player movement is clearly the focus of this trailer and announcement, Sword of the Sea also looks set to feature a stunning world for you to perform said movement. From the aforementioned dusty dunes, to mysterious ruins, to an Atlantis-esque underwater city, it promises a luscious lineup of locales, all rendered in the simple yet rich art style that has become Giant Squid’s signature.

While no release date was given during the announcement, it was confirmed that Sword of the Sea will be coming to PS5. Stick with PC Invasion for more information when it’s announced!

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