PC-MMO Racer ‘Formula Wincars’ Is Ready to Burn Some Serious Rubber on KickStarter

Independent games developer ‘DragonJam Studios’ has today announced the kickoff of a crowdfunding campaign to secure funds towards the development of their ambitious online PC multiplayer arcade racer, ‘Formula Wincars’.

The crowdfunding campaign now running is off to a great start and offers some fantastic digital and tangible rewards to its supporters, including an amazing life-size ‘Formula Wincars’ themed arcade machine, complete with steering wheel, pedals, and the game preinstalled.

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Formula Wincars Launches on Kickstarter

Formula Wincars starts its funding campaign on Kickstarter having as a goal to raise the $42,000 needed to fund their Project. This project has been done with great care, offering a wide catalogue of rewards to potential backers, among these, getting a classic Formula Wincars themed arcade machine including the game, wheel and pedals, inspired by those of classics such as Out Run or Daytona USA from the 80’s and 90’s.

And this is not by chance, considering that these games are part of the influence that the developers at DragonJam Studios have had in sight when working on this racing game, taking the pick up & race genre as a starting point and adding the possibilities of online competition offered by today’s MMO titles.

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Formula Wincars Gets Its First Screenshots

Formula Wincars is a car racing arcade game strongly oriented to social play and interaction. One of its strengths is its online multiplayer synchronized mode, where players worldwide will be able to compete and fight to win prizes in the competitions, team up with other players to form alliances, fight to reach the highest positions and unblock new cars and characters.

The game has also remarkable graphics, within a 3D modeled environment highly detailed in all its circuits.

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