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State of Decay

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Latest State of Decay Updates

Undead Labs to announce new game on Monday

Next week developer Undead Labs will be revealing a new game and it’s not State of Decay related. What are Undead Labs up to? We don’t actually know exactly but we do know that something…

By: Paul Younger

State of Decay: Lifeline DLC Review

Lifeline is the second add-on released for Undead Lab’s State of Decay, and takes the zombie-dodging fun out on the road for the first time. While prior DLC release Breakdown made use of the original…

By: Peter Parrish

More State of Decay Lifeline DLC details revealed

Undead Labs are still to release their latest content update for State of Decay called Lifeline but they’ve pushed out a few more details. We know that the military are involved this time with the primary goal…

By: Paul Younger

State of Decay Lifeline DLC details emerge

The State of Decay Lifeline DLC was announced at the start of the month and we didn’t really have any details about what it would actually contain other than it would include a new map. This…

By: Paul Younger

State of Decay: Breakdown DLC Review

It took a fair while for State of Decay to make it over to the PC, but the slight benefit of this delay is that players haven’t had to wait especially long for Breakdown’s addition…

By: Peter Parrish

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