July 7th, 2017

Talking heads: Rocksmith 2014 gets launch trailer

Talking heads: Rocksmith 2014 gets launch trailer

Rocksmith 2014 - 04

Rocksmith 2014 is now out (except in the UK, where you’ll have to wait until Friday) and, as is Ubisoft’s standard, there’s a trailer for it.

No, wait! This one’s actually pretty good. Ignore the fluff about the Rocksmith Method (which makes it sound like some sort of creepy cult/diet regimen/You Too Can Be Successful In 60 Days seminar) and pay attention to everything else, and you’ll get a pretty good overview of the new features in this. Even the president of Epiphone Guitar and that guy from Alice in Chains chip in to talk about how great it is.

Have a gander at the trailer below. For once, it’s not a lot of overblown hyperbole: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with Rocksmith 2014 so far, and intend to play some more as soon as I can.

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