Talos Principle DLC makes Serious Sam the voice of god

Talos Principle DLC makes Serious Sam the voice of god

Putting the voice of Serious Sam in philosophical-puzzler The Talos Principle sounds suspiciously like something that might be an April Fool’s joke – but, happily, it isn’t.

Croteam have … well, I’ve sort of summarised what’s happening in that opening sentence. The Serious Sam Voicepack DLC (free for Talos Principle players until Tuesday 7 April, which is quite lovely,) swaps the voice of Elohim with the vocal tones of everybody’s favourite time travelling FPS star. In real life, that’s actor John J Dick.

In addition, the DLC adds a Serious Sam player model for use in the game.

“This was bound to happen,” says definitely real person Serious Sam in a press statement. “It all started when they took assets from Egypt and reused them again in this new puzzler that delayed Serious Sam 4. But hell, those crazy Croatians made me sound smart so all is forgiven.”

After 7 April, the pack will be $3.00. The Talos Principle itself is currently half off on Steam, and will be until 6 April.

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