Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Cooked Food (2)
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Tears of the Kingdom: How to Cook Food

Let the man cook.

Whether you played Breath of the Wild and need a refresher or you are new to Zelda games with Tears of the Kingdom, we’ll teach you how to cook. It can be fairly complicated knowing how to cook food in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but the rewards of cooked food are worth learning the ropes.

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How to Cook Food in Tears of the Kingdom

Cooking food in Tears of the Kingdom is the exact same as cooking food in Breath of the Wild… not to say it was easy in Breath of the Wild. There are two ways to cook food in Tears of the Kingdom: throw your food into fire or cook your food in a cooking pot.

You can only cook eatable things, which is denoted by anything in your inventory that has a heart symbol. An easy way to know what you can cook is to go to Materials and look at the items with hearts next to them.

How to Hold Food in Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Hold Food

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To cook food, open your menu and select the eatable item you want to cook. You can either press X to hold the material, press A and select Hold. Or you can press A, press Select for recipe, and then select Hold. Either way, to cook food, you need to hold your ingredient, which you can carry up to five.

Once you are holding your food, press B to return to the game. If you are standing near fire, you can drop your uncooked food into the fire. If a cooking pot is nearby, you can drop your ingredients into the pot.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Cook Food

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If you are cooking your food over an open flame, you simply need to wait for your food to catch fire and get extinguished. Pick up your food after its appearance and name have changed. If you are using a cooking pot, you’ll automatically be able to receive the cooked food when it is done.

And that is how you cook food in Tears of the Kingdom! You can now open your inventory, scroll to the Food category, and eat your food to gain health.

I recommend cooking food in a cooking pot as it will always create a recipe that yields more hearts than just cooked ingredients. Though, if you are in a pinch in a tough dungeon, some Toasted Skyshrooms can go a long way.

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