June 22nd, 2017

Teleglitch’s Guns and Tunes DLC and patch encourage you to die even more

teleglitch (1)

If you’re a big fan of dying, then survival horror roguelike Teleglitch: Die More Edition probably piqued your interest. If so, then you’ll probably be happy to hear that the pre-order bonuses are now on sale as the Teleglitch: Guns and Tunes DLC.

A mere 99p will net you this DLC, which offers a five-song soundtrack that “compliments the actual in-game ambient soundtrack” as well as eight new starter weapons and utilities, and the option to randomise your starting equipment when you begin the game. In short, if you liked Teleglitch but wish it were a bit more random, you can now make it so.

If you don’t have Teleglitch, then you should first have a read of Peter’s review (in which he described it as “Tense. Punishing. Skill-reliant. And just a little bit unfair.”) and then mosey on over to Steam, where it’s currently £2.25 thanks to being one of the current Weeklong Deals.

Better still, both the DLC and the sale coincide with a patch that adds Big Picture and controller support, so you can play it on your TV using your favourite gamepad if that’s more your bag.

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