April 6th, 2017

Telltale Reveals More Back To The Future Details

Telltale has updated the official Back to the Future game site with a bunch of fresh information about the game, including plot synopsis’ for each episode and new character art.
A few characters from the first episode (“It’s About Time,” due this December for PC/Mac/iPad/PS3) plus a selection of voice clips are available to peruse and absorb. Most interesting are the little write-ups for each of the five episodes. It seems Marty will be trying to save Doc’s future, thwart a gang boss named Kid Tannen, endure a strange version of the 1980s lorded over by ‘First Citizen Brown,’ prevent the young Doc Brown from making a terrible mistake and then embark on a climactic chase through Hill Valley’s past, present and future.
So, nothing too complicated then.
While you ponder all of that, why not have a look at Biff Tannen’s strange lips:

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