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The Temtem summer update finally lets players rock-hop all the way to Kisiwa. Soon after arriving on the African-inspired island, you’ll find yourself battling your way through Vumbi Dojo and its Dojo Master, Musa. This guide will take you through the Temtem you will face in the dojo, what the best Temtem to use in Vumbi Dojo are, and how to beat Musa. I’ll also tell you the best way to beat each of the new Kisiwa Temtem in Vumbi Dojo.

For the record, I didn’t go in with six level 48 Temtem and steamroll the Dojo – 48 is the highest level your Temtem could be at the start of Kisiwa. If your Temtem are around level 40, you will be strong enough.

You can use Water-types to carry you through most of the tamers in the Dojo. They all use at least one Earth-type, so your Water-types are very effective. There are a few Neutral and Melee-type Temtem too, so bring along a Mental-type to deal with those. I used my Tental, which evolved from my Houchic starter. However, Kinu is excellent because it is also a Nature-type, which Earth-type Temtem are weak against. Barnshe is also a great Temtem to bring along because Wind-types take reduced damage from Earth-types.

Recommended Temtem team for Kisiwa’s Vumbi Dojo

Temtem Team To Beat Vumbi Dojo

The five Temtem that will help you beat Vumbi Dojo.

The Dojo students’ and Master’s affinity for Earth-type Temtem mean that you should stack your team with Water and Nature-types. The best Temtem team to use to beat Vumbi Dojo and Musa are Saipat, Kinu, Babawa (shocking, I know), Volarend, and Skunch.

That leaves you with one spot left to fill. I recommend a Wind-type because it will be resistant to Earth-type attacks and effective against Toxic-type Temtem – of which there are a few. Granpah is a solid option. Wiplump is incredibly resistant to Earth-type attacks and can use potent Water and Wind-type attacks. Otherwise, Barnshe has all the benefits of a Wind-type, plus it can help you take down Melee and Neutral-types with its Mental-type Techniques.

Temtem you encounter in Vumbi Dojo

The new Temtem you will encounter in the Vumbi Dojo in Kisiwa are Mouflank, Drakash, Kauren, Grumper, Akranox, Vulffy, and a beastly Yowlar. They are all Earth-type hybrids, except for Mouflank and Yowlar which are Neutral-types, and Kauren which is a straight Earth-type. You’ll encounter a few old faces too, but none of them are a big threat.

The Temtem I found the toughest to deal with was Grumper. I did not expect to encounter an Electric-type in an Earth focused dojo. And it’s level 50, so it’s strong. I recommend taking along a Melee-type to deal with the threat. Skunch is a solid option – it isn’t weak to anything the tamers will throw at you throughout the dojo. Smazee, Baboong, or the line’s final form Seismunch will all be effective too. Seismunch is a Melee/Earth-type hybrid. So, it’s an incredibly good Temtem to help you beat the Vumbi Dojo. If you’ve been playing regularly, you probably have a Mudrid leveled up and ready to go. You could also bring that to deal with the Grumper.

Temtem matchups in Vumbi Dojo

Mouflank, Drakash, Kauren, And Grumper

Mouflank, Drakash, Kauren, and Grumper.

Mouflank is a Neutral-type, so it can easily be handled by your Kinu. Kinu has potent SPATK (special attack) Mental-type Techniques and Mouflank has a low base SPDEF (special defense).

Drakash can become a handful if you let it use Heat Up to raise its ATK (attack) and don’t wipe it from the field. Fortunately, Saipat can basically one-shot the Temtem. Drakash is an Earth/Fire-type hybrid and Water Techniques will deal 4x more damage to it. Saipat has excellent physical water Techniques and a good base ATK, while Drakash has a low base DEF (defense).

Kauren is an Earth-type, so it’s weak to your Water and Nature-types. Babawa’s Water Cutting Lily Technique will decimate it. But all of the Temtem I mentioned above will take it down easily while receiving minimal damage.

Grumper is the outlier in the Dojo. As mentioned earlier, it’s an Earth/Electric-type hybrid. A Mudrid will be extremely resistant to its attacks and can return fire with Crystal Techniques. Otherwise, bring along a Skunch to knock it out quickly with Melee-type Techniques.

Akranox, Yowlar, And Vulffy

Akranox, Yowlar, and Vulffy.

Akranox will look to chip away at your Temtem with poison, so make sure you take it down quickly. Volarend can hit it with its powerful Wind-type Techniques, while also resisting Akranox’s Toxic-type attacks.

Vulffy is another Temtem in Kisiwa’s Vumbi Dojo that can be awkward to deal with. The Earth/Nature-type hybrid will use Nature-type Techniques to great effect against your Water-types. The only type of Temtem it is vulnerable to is Melee. Another good reason to bring a Skunch along for the dojo.

Finally, there’s the tanky Yowlar. It’s a level 50 Neutral-type used by Musa. It looks intimidating, but Kinu or Barnshe will make quick work of it with their Mental-type attacks.

How to beat Musa, Vumbi Dojo Master

I found Musa to be one of the easier Temtem Dojo Masters to beat. It might be because I’m more familiar with the game or because my Temtem were well prepared. I don’t know. I had a plan and it worked well. In the battle with Musa, you’ll need to deal with three of the new Kisiwa Temtem – Kauren, Akranox, and Yowlar. You’ll also need to overcome Mushook, Mudrid, and Skunch.

Dojo Master Musa Temtem In Vumbi Dojo

If you’ve brought the team I recommended, you’ll have no problem dispatching the six Temtem Musa uses against you. Use Mental-type Techniques against Mushook, Skunch, and Yowlar. Use Melee-type attacks for 4x effectiveness on Mudrid. Your Water, Nature or Melee-types will quickly dispatch of Kauren. Musa will open with Kauren and Mudrid, so you should open with Saipat and Babawa or Saipat and Skunch.

Akranox is the only slightly tricky one. It’s Book Lungs Trait makes it resistant to Water-type Techniques. Plus, your Water and Nature-type Temtem will be vulnerable to its Toxic-type attacks. So, you can use your Skunch’s Melee-type Techniques or one of the Wind-types you brought along to execute it fairly easily.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Vumbi Dojo in Kisiwa. I’ll have more Temtem Kisiwa guides coming out soon. So, keep an eye on our Temtem guides and features hub.

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