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Temtem is a Pokémon-like MMORPG that has players running all over the Airborne Archipelago collecting weird and wonderful creatures. There are tons of Temtem to be caught, Dojos to be conquered, quests to be discovered and completed, and an annoying rival who needs their ass kicked. We’ve got a bunch of useful guides that will teach you the mechanics of Temtem, tell you where to pick up some of the best items, and help you on your way to becoming the best tamer there ever was.

Temtem guides hub

Which starter Temtem should you choose – You need to choose between three Temtem at the start of the game. This guide weighs up the pros and cons of each.

A guide to SVs, TVs, and Traits – This guide will help you understand the difference between Single Value (SVs) and Training Value (TVs) stats and explain why you need to know your Traits.

How to beat Max in Arissola – Your rival in Temtem is incredibly annoying. This guide will ensure you’re prepared for the battle with Max. It has team composition tips and lets you know exactly when the fight goes down. Don’t let Max ambush you.

How to best Max in Uhuru, Kisiwa – Max will ambush you again during the battle for Kisiwa. This guide will make sure they don’t get the best of you because you weren’t prepared.

Temtem Basic Breeding Guide – This guide will help you get familiar with the breeding process in Temtem. Breeding is a key part of creating the most powerful Temtem in the game. This guide will ensure you know what you’re doing.

How to make money in Temtem – Meet the FreeTem! Organisation that will fund your Temtem catching addiction in this guide to farming Pansuns.

Roles for Ranked Matchmaking – Learn the basic roles your Temtem can fill in team composition.

How to evolve Tuwai in Turoc and Tukai – Turoc and Tukai are the two new evolutions for Tuwai. Turoc is an Earth-type and Tukai a Water-type. Here’s everything you need to know to get these two rare Temtem.

Temtem Dojo guides

How to beat Arissola Dojo and its leader Sophia – Arissola Dojo is your first real challenge in Temtem. This guide will help you prepare for the battles within and the encounter with the Dojo leader, Sohpia.

How to beat Mokupuni Dojo leader Rawiri – Rawiri’s Fire and Nature-type combination can be a real pain to deal with. This guide offers some simple tips and suggestions to help you deal with this wildman.

How to beat Vumbi Dojo and Musa in Kisiwa – This Temtem guide will help you with your battles in Kisiwa’s Vumbi Dojo. It includes a breakdown of the various matchups and recommends a team of Temtem for you to use.

Must get items in Temtem

How to get the best early game item in Temtem – This guide will show you exactly how to complete the Tourist Guide quest to get the Umbrella, an item that gives your Temtem resistance to Water-type Techniques.

The best item for farming rare and Luma Temtem – Hunting rare and Luma Temtem is one of the most time-consuming things you will do in the game. Save yourself a lot of time by getting the Decoy. This guide will show you exactly how and where to do that.

Temtem is currently in Early Access and is available for PC via Steam or Humble Bundle for $34.99. Thank you for coming to my TemTalk.

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The best item for farming rare and Luma Temtem – the Decoy

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