Temtem reveals first pictures of Kisiwa and new Tem Kuri

Temtem Kisiwa Wild

Crema celebrated the second anniversary of the Temtem Kickstarter launch by treating players to some pictures of the creature collector’s next island, Kisiwa, and a new Temtem, Kuri. The spring update suffered some setbacks because of the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping across the globe. However, the Kisiwa patch looks like it’s still on track. Crema is aiming to release it in July.

Temtem Short Term Roadmap 2020

Here’s the Temtem short-term roadmap to remind you what’s planned for the near future.

Only the Ranked Matchmaking and Spectator Mode scheduled for spring have been completed so far. Crema had to postpone the other spring features until the end of the season. However, it has since decided to merge those features with the content coming in the Kisiwa patch. The highly requested chat feature and the continuous battle against hackers have proven much bigger tasks than expected.

Of course, many players only want to hear about new features arriving, not being delayed. But Crema is determined to deliver products that meet your expectations. So, it will probably be worth the extra wait. The Temtem team believes it will be, promising that “the Kisiwa patch is going to be amazing!”

Rock hop all the way to Kisiwa

Players who have completed the current Temtem storyline will have started rock hopping to the Africa-inspired Kisiwa, only to be stopped along the way before getting even a glimpse of the next island. As part of its two-year anniversary celebration, Crema has now revealed the first images of this next island. You can see the first one in the feature image above and the second one below.

Temtem Kisiwa First Look

Crema consulted with Dar es Salaam-based Samuel Mungy to build the culture of Kisiwa. You can see this in the buildings and the Kisiwa wild, which has a distinct “African plains” look to it.

The new Temtem, Kuri

The latest Temtem is a Kisiwa local and #100 in the Tempedia, Kuri. Based solely on its look, Kuri will likely be an Earth-type Temtem. Its body shape also suggests that it will have high SPD (speed). It displays a fierce attitude in its short reveal video, which is great. Crema has done an excellent job infusing each Temtem with their own unique characteristics.

Temtem Kuri Reveal

Without realizing it, we may have actually seen Kuri’s evolution before. Check out the Temtem running on the right-hand side of the below image from the game’s launch. It looks a lot like a grown-up version of Kuri. There are 25 new Temtem coming with the Kisiwa path, and Crema recently teased that the final evolutions of the three starter Temtem will be among them. Hopefully, we’ll also see the release of the electric fiend Sparzy. The game needs more Electric-types, but I also love its energy.

Temtem Kuri Evolution

If you haven’t started your journey around the Airborne Archipelago, now is an excellent time to get going. You have just about enough time to get through the entire game and breed some Temtem before the Kisiwa patch arrives in July. You can purchase Temtem for PC through Steam or Humble Bundle.

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