Temtem spring update ushers in Ranked Matchmaking

Temtem Spring Update And Ranked Matchmaking

Spring is in the air, but more importantly, there’s a new, massive update in Temtem. Crema laid out a short-term road map for the creature-collector earlier in the year, and now the spring update has brought with it the two most important features promised: Ranked Matchmaking and a Spectator Mode. As with almost everything in the entire world, COVID-19 hasn’t made it easy. However, Crema still hopes to release the chat rework and club management system by the end of spring.

Many Temtem players were beginning to feel a bit lost in the game. Not geographically, but with motivation and things to do. With the story complete and all the items collected, there were only a few goals for players to pursue. You could complete the weekly FreeTem! Organisation task, spend countless hours hunting Lumas (in and out of the Saipark), farm Pansuns, or breed perfect SV (Single Values) Temtem. All of these things are a grind.

Temtem Ranked Matchmaking

Temtem Ranked Matchmaking

The introduction of Ranked Matchmaking to Temtem brings something new and exciting to the end game. You could even say that ranked PvP (player versus player) is Temtem‘s real end game. It gives you something to continuously work on that isn’t a monotonous grind.

The real game-changer in Ranked is the recently announced auto-scaling. This will scale your Temtem up to the max level (currently 48) and give them perfect SVs. That means you don’t have to spend hours breeding or farming Pansuns to buy perfect Temtem just to be competitive in PvP. Now you can use any Temtem in your team and swap compositions as you wish. Of course, you will still need to increase the TVs (Training Values) of your Temtem. And don’t forget to set your Competitive Squad in the Temdeck – you can’t join a ranked battle until you do.

Temtem Ranked Matchmaking Competitive Squad

The ranked system uses Crema’s Tamer Matchmaking Rating to compare and match you with other players. Winning matches will reward you with points, which will move you up the ranked ladder. Wins will also earn you a reward in the form of Pansuns – once the system is worked out, that is. This means players will be able to dive completely into PvP if that is their preferred game mode.

Crema stresses in the update announcement that this is just the first iteration of the ranked system. The team will be watching closely and making changes if required. Down the line, they also plan to add more features to the ranked mode. These will include things like seasons, leagues, medals, and more rewards.

The second major feature added with the latest update is Spectator Mode. It’s a bit like a value-added service for Ranked Matchmaking. With this, community tournament organizers will have a much easier time directing and broadcasting their events.

New battle features

The Temtem team teased player intros and outros on their Twitter account a few days ago. These will add some flair to a Temtem tamer battle by giving them some more dynamic visuals. Crema wants battles to feel epic and more visually attractive. That means they likely have more features like intros and outros in the works.

Temtem Tamer Intros And Outros

Another new feature is the Battle Log. This is a much welcome tracker for tamers to use at any point during a match. There’s a lot that goes on in a battle, and it’s difficult to keep up with it all. The Temtem Battle Log will now keep track of everything for you (and I mean everything, even stat stage changes), so you don’t have to scribble it down on a notepad or in Notepad.

Temtem Spring Update Battle Log

The Temtem spring update brings all the animation changes we’ve seen over the past few weeks. Plus, it adds two new Status Conditions: Evading and Alerted. Crema had shown us Evading in the update to the Bamboozle animation. While a Temtem has this Status Condition, it will avoid the next offensive Technique directed at it. Alerted, meanwhile, is something we haven’t seen before. Once a Temtem is woken from sleep, it will become Alerted, which prevents it from being put to sleep again.

Crema has added a ton of other things to Temtem with the spring update. You can check out the full patch notes on the game’s website.

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