Ten minutes of town planning in SimCity [Video]

You’d think watching ten minutes or so of someone doing virtual town planning would be a bit dull. Not so, because this is footage from a forthcoming SimCity, a series that transcended its ostensibly boring premise and made organising the layout and economic stability of a city a wonderful thing.

It didn’t hurt that you could send monsters and tidal waves to destroy all your hard work, either.

So, in this “gameplay strategy” video, you’ll see the basics of getting people to move in, providing them with jobs and electricity, sorting out the water supply and averting a nasty sewage problem.

SimCity is coming to the PC in February 2013.

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  • I completely missed this video. That 10 minutes wasn’t dull at all. I just wish it was coming out in time for xmas as I’ll have extended periods available to play it.

    • Peter Parrish

      Yeah, it’s looking rather engrossing so far.

  • sims vet

    have that cheap blurry mist effect